6 Living Room Decor Ideas

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6 Living Room Decor Ideas

Aarti Tripathi Aarti Tripathi
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Most people spend a lot of time, effort and money to ensure that every room of the house is beautiful
and comfortable. However, the living room has always been given the most preference, when it comes to decorating and beautifying. A Living room is the place where the guests are welcomed. It is also a place where family member spend some quality time together. The living room is also the place where special occasions are celebrated. Hence, it is not only important to ensure that the living room has the aesthetic appeal, but that it is also functional. To have the ultimate living room, some amount of work and thinking are also required. It is important to choose the right colour, right disposition and right living room home decor to get the best living room. Here are some of the living room décor ideas for the ultimate living room everyone desires.

Define Your Living Room Space

A living room with defined space is does not only make a living room splendid, it also gives a feeling of coziness. When it comes to defining the space in the living room, most people think of structural elements like walls. However, it is not necessary to build walls in order to define the space in the living room. The first thing that can be done is to make a level change in the room. This is especially suitable for larger living rooms. By just changing the level of the floor, a smaller and cozier portion can be segregated from the larger room. Another way to define the space is to change the material of the ceiling to create different zones in the living room. The same can be achieved by changing the flooring material or the colour of different zones of the room.

Remove Unnecessary Objects

The first thing that is needed when decorating a living room is to remove everything that is not essential. This includes any excess furniture, shelves or other living room home décor items. Having a look around from a distance can give a lot of information about the living room. Removing any item which is old and not functional can change the look of the living room by making it clutter free. It will also clear up a lot of space for adding more living room home décor. Besides, clearing up the space, removing unnecessary objects from a living room will also clear up the blocked energy of the room. The living room is a place, which should look more vibrant and filled with positive energy.

Pick Up Wall Decor Carefully

Carefully chosen wall décor can tell a lot about the style, preferences and story of the people living in the house. When choosing the wall décor for living room, careful analysis of the living room is necessary. The wall décor should blend with the style of the room and should also utilize the wall space sensibly. Picking up the right wall décor is always a time consuming task. Choosing the one which resonates with the heart and soul of the people living in the house is important. Matching the wall décor with the style of the room is also essential. For instance, for a Victorian themed living room classic paintings with ornamented frame will be suitable. On the other hand, modern art with sleek frames will look great in contemporary living rooms.

Use Shelving Creatively

A stylish bookshelf in the alcove, a trendy shelf for storing knickknacks right under the stairs and floating shelves in the living room can boost the style of the room. Shelving is one of the most important parts of any room in the house. When it comes to living room décor ideas, the most essential thing is to ensure that there is enough space to store everything, without making it look like a mess. A messy living room can be very distracting for the host as well as the guests. Besides, shelving nowadays, are not only limited to its functional purpose. The stylish and creative shelving in the living room can greatly heighten the look and feel of the room. It can also utilize the unused space of the living room.

Add Pops of Colours

Adding pops of colours to the living room enhance the visual warmth of the room. Warm tones of colours give a welcoming look to the living room. Alternatively, picking the neutral and pastel walls with bursts of colours can also greatly enhance the beauty. The idea here is to make the living room as lively and full of warmth as possible. By painting only one wall of the room with bright and vivid colour, while keeping other walls in neutral shade, visual interest can be added in the room. Other living room décor ideas to add splashes of colours in the living room is keeping bright coloured cushions, colourful piece of art, bright and bold patterned curtains, and colourful flowers, can all add the pump of colours to a living room.

Plants and Flowers

Nothing makes a living room livelier than a bunch of indoor plants. The plants and flowers inside the room greatly enhance the exquisiteness of a living room. There is something beautiful about knowing that plants are living and breathing entities. They are said to be a great company when one is feeling lonely. Caring for and nurturing plants inside a living room will make it brighter and full of life and warmth. The plants can be kept in decorative yet functional pots in the corners of the living room. Miniature trees like bonsais can be kept on the table top. Some plants like bamboo are also said to bring good luck to a house. They also look beautiful in glass bowls filled with colourfull stones.

Living room is a place where loved ones get together and share beautiful moments of special occasions. It is also a place where guests are welcomed and conversations and laughter flow freely. These living room home décor ideas can greatly enhance the warmth, comfort and appeal of a living room.

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