10 Vastu tips for counteracting negative energy

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The ancient Indian system, Vastu Shastra, has guidelines that aim at creating a home full of positive energy. There are times during our lives when we feel that nothing works out the way we want and that the world is against us. It is vital to find positivity that will get us through this negative phase of our lives. The process involves making changes such as altering our attitude, distancing ourselves from certain people and renewing the energy in our homes. Since a home is a place for rest and relaxation, the energy in it must be good so that we benefit from it. Making a few changes at home using Vastu Shastra can help to remove negativity.

Vastu can be used to manage the energy in a house as well as an office. It can help to bring positive effects to various aspects of our lives by creating an environment that eliminates or minimizes emotional, health, financial and career-related problems. It is simple to implement and often includes minor changes such as organizing the space, repositioning objects and changing colour to improve the flow of energy in the home. This ideabook presents 10 Vastu tips that you can follow to keep away negative energy from your home.

1. Rearrange

Often, you feel that you must get rid of something to change the energy in a space, but sometimes, all you need to do is rearrange furniture so that the flow of energy is better. According to professionals, an open arrangement that doesn’t block access is ideal as it allows energy to flow freely through the space.

2. Facilitate better air circulation

To keep the indoor air fresh, it’s important to open the windows every day, even if it is only for a short while. You should do this even during winter when the air is cold. Let sunshine into the room by opening a window and drawing the curtains. Sunlight and fresh air are the best natural remedies for bringing good energy into a room.

3. Avoid collecting too many things

We all like to collect things that we like, but do we really need them? A tranquil home is one that is well-organized and clean. The fewer things you need to organize, the more positive your space will be.

4. Peaceful nature

Flowers and plants carry positive energy, so having them in your home is an ideal way to bring positivity to the ambiance. Choose indoor plants that don’t need too much water or maintenance so that they look fresh and beautiful always.

5. Salt therapy

Salt is a great cleanser and can be used to eliminate negative energy from rooms. Focus on dark corners or spaces without much natural light or ventilation. Place a bowl of sea salt in such areas so that it absorbs the negative energy. The salt can be discarded after 48 hours.

6. Use mirrors to decorate

A mirror is a Vastu tool that can be used to remove a defect from an area. It’s also effective for reflecting light and making an area appear brighter. While mirrors absorb negative energy from an area, they can reflect away the positive energy too. Seek the guidance of a professional to ensure that you place the mirror correctly. Avoid having one facing the main entrance to the home or in a spot in the bedroom where it reflects the bed.

7. The right direction

As per Vastu, the position of a bed affects rest and relaxation. The bed should be placed so that the head doesn’t point to the north. Ideally, the headboard should be in the east so that your feet point toward the west when you lie down.

8. The entrance

The home’s entrance is the point from where energy flows into the rest of the area. Decorate the entrance so that it has a good vibe. If it’s too narrow, place a mirror on the wall along the door so that it reflects the wall and makes the passage look larger. Beautiful accessories and flowers can be used to create a positive ambiance in the entrance.

9. Fragrant air

Are you experiencing some of the symptoms of negative energy at home? Use refreshing fragrances or pleasant aromas as they bring a positive energy into a space. Use aroma oil diffusers or arrangements with fragrant flowers to increase the amount of good energy in a room.

​10. Clean regularly

Last but not the least, cleaning your home regularly can help to get rid of negative energy. In addition to eliminating dirt and dust, the fragrance of cleaners will bring a relaxing feel to the interiors.

For more Vastu tips, see this ideabook.

Some other Vastu tips

Are you wondering how to remove negative energy from homes? Here is your answer. Decorating your walls of living room or corridors with happy family pictures, green forests, morning sun, waterfall and other calming images can help in reflecting positivity. At the same time, you should avoid placing pictures of war scenes, lonely child, fierce animals, death, hunger and other kinds of negative images as they can have a negative impact on the people residing inside the house.

The bright colours not only help to break the monotony of the white walls but also assist in the process of negative energy removal. These colours add the required amount of brightness, produce a cheerful ambience and provide maximum assistance in increasing positivity. Shades like blue, green and yellow are ideal Vastu colours for creating a relaxing ambience, whereas the tones of black and grey must be avoided as they bring negativity.

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