11 infinity pools to leave you speechless

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When you think of luxury homes or resorts, infinity pools certainly come to mind as markers of such opulence. These stunning features signal an absolute elegant lifestyle, and perfect clarity of their mirror-like surfaces. 

An infinity pool refers to a swimming pool that which position or design gives the appearance of the feature merging into the landscape which surrounds it. These pools are especially popular alongside the sea, but as we will soon see, it can be effective and beautiful anywhere. The effect is usually achieved by the pool water being level with the ground surface around it, or a feature where the water spills over an edge in order that it looks like the pool is part of another body of water next to it. 

Below we have compiled a list of a few model infinity pools that are sure to take your breath away. Please enjoy…

1. Vivid.

This brightly lit pool is the perfect spot from which to watch a brightly city.

2. Luxury resort.

This beautiful pool looks like crystal tiles on the ground.

3. Ocean magic.

Infinity edge pool by LS+L homify Mediterrane Pools Marmor Blau swimming pool,infinity pool,mediterranean

Swimming in this pool will unite with the wide expanse of the great ocean expanse. 

4. On the edge.

Project in Tulum, Riviera Maya, JCandel JCandel Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

This narrow pool on the edge of a balcony is just about enough to relax in extensively.

5. Suburban dream.

Our first model on the list completely enlivens this suburban atmosphere. 

6. Azure.

Another perfect example next to the ocean. 

7. A lush paradise.

8. Sea and sky.

This wide pool offers you the best of the ocean and the cloud-populated sky. 

9. Tropical.

10. Dark depths.

This pool is painted a dark color to give it a more mysterious look. 

11. Above the rest.

We wrap up our list with this option on the rooftop, offering a view above the rest of the neighborhood. 

We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we did, but if you're looking for something to suit a smaller space, take a look at these 15 perfect pools for small yards and gardens.  

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