A stunning home that's light and welcoming

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A stunning home that's light and welcoming

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Häuser von Arki3d, Modern
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Today’s homify 360° comes to us from Mexico, where architectural geniuses ARKI3D, located in Zapopan, conjured up a family home with all the required modern touches.

We’re talking sleek surfaces, straight linear designs, neutral hues, subtle and clean looks, and a firm commitment to stay away from overly decorated or adorned spaces.

Of course a firm amount of visual beauty was also included in the final product, otherwise what would be the point of exploring this house?

Let’s start…

A stacked look

 Häuser von Arki3d, Modern

We just love the “stacked” style of the front façade, with multiple levels neatly arranged on top of one another.

Don’t overlook the various materials and textures which enhance the house’s visual appeal, such as the raw stone adorning the brown-hued, circular wall next to the front door.

A look of contrasts

 Häuser von Arki3d, Modern

Once we change our vantage point ever so slightly to take in a more side-angled view of the house, we can see how the various levels protrude our from one another to form balconies, terraces, steps, roofs, etc.

And of course we can’t neglect to mention the expertly-maintained garden/yard which adds just enough lushness and coloured contrast with the neutral-hued house.

The kitchen

 Küche von Arki3d, Modern

In the heart of the home, we can see how the designers opted for both style and functionality. 

Take that island, for example: it has a stovetop, yet also enough worktop surface for a range of kitchen activities (slicing, stirring, rolling, etc.), plus it has an open look below, which means leg space in case we want to pull up a stylish stool or two – et voilà: instant dining spot!

The spacious dining room

 Häuser von Arki3d, Modern

Now if dining with a view is what you had in mind, may we present this super modern (and oh-so spacious) dining room? Glossy floor tiles balance out beautifully (colour-wise) with the table’s marble top. And speaking of the table, don’t you think this one looks more like an elongated kitchen island than a dining table? Quite the fresh approach in modern furniture! 

Last but not least, those floor-to-ceiling glass panes/windows which ensure one of the most lush and greenest views we’ve ever seen to accompany all meals being enjoyed here. 

A super sleek house with a super strong amount of style! 

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