12 decorating tips to make any room better

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12 decorating tips to make any room better

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Home improvement can take on many forms, from construction to interior architecture. This also includes decoration, and this is probably the part of home improvement that is both the most fun and the most accessible to all. Although hiring a professional interior designer or decorator is a great choice and can easily ensure a wonderfully coordinated interior, decoration is something you can also endeavour to do yourself. Whether you just want to own the process and make it your own, or whether you need to go DIY because of your budget, undertaking the decoration process can be very exciting. 

Decorating can, however, also be very daunting. What you imagine looks good in theory, may not look so great in practice. Good taste can often be difficult to express effectively, and we sometimes need a little help and guidance on how to do so. Heading this call, homify has identified a few unfailing decorating tips that are sure to improve your home, and any room within it. Join us on this journey of decoration, and find the inspiration you need to make your rooms come to life!

1. Shades and tones

modern  von Crown Floors, Modern
Crown Floors

London Fog

Crown Floors

When you pick a main colour for a room, you can easily enhance its impact by adding different shades and tones of that very same colour. 

2. The picture gallery

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I tried and trusted decoration tool is the picture of photo gallery, grouping many frames together. 

3. Display a collection

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Clusters of the same type of object create maximum impact. Here, glass vases in various sizes add an elegant touch. 

4. Au naturale

Adding pieces of nature and plenty of natural materials will enhance any atmosphere. 

5. Mix patterns

Use this tip with caution – the result still needs to be distinguisable and pleasing to the eye. When done right, however, you can create layers of interest in your home. 

6. Staggering art

When you have plenty of artworks or prints in your home, stagger it against the walls. This is very low-maintenance, looks relaxed and cool, and creates the impression of a robust art collection!

7. Move furniture away from walls

Moderne Wohnzimmer von plasma Modern

Floating furniture creates the illusion of more space and depth in any room. 

8. Antique touches

Moderne Badezimmer von plasma Modern

Pops of antique furniture in an otherwise modern home always creates an interesting look. This look is amplified in the bathroom. 

9. Repurpose

Old and worn pieces can easily take on a new life. Simply re-upholstering and old chair in interesting fabric can add a whole new dimension to a room. 

10. Stacks of style

Stacking books is a great idea, from lounge to bedroom. You can also combine these book stacks with decorative toppers, increasing the aesthetics and functionality of the feature. 

11. Clusters of candles

Giant Maxi 10 Hour Burn Night Lights (Case 320) von homify Klassisch

Giant Maxi 10 Hour Burn Night Lights (Case 320)


Candles are excellent atmosphere enhancers on their own, but when clustered, create an exceptional visual effect. 

12. Amplify the visual space

We end our list of tips with an old favourite – amplify the visual space in any room. This is easily enough achieved by using light colours, letting in plenty of natural light, and of course, large mirrors. 

Now that the decorating is covered, why not look at some more practical ideas for the home, especially when you have a small one!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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