A scrumptious town house in the heart of Chelsea

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Welcome to London, capital of the St. George's flag, home of the three lions and a menagerie of people from all around the globe. This is by far one of the biggest Eurocentric centers of the world, and with its melting pot society and multi-cultural vibrancy, it pays homage to the classic townhouse.

Today we bring you one of the more elegant of these, nestled in the heart of Chelsea. Although adhering to a typical format, there is nothing mediocre about this special home, in the bustle of a special city.

Welcome to the Chelsea house.

Fired up.

Enter the living room and take a spot by the magnificent fireplace, winged by symmetrical lamps and stylish mirrors. The classic furniture just feels right against the back drop of British patriotism; a room where one can enjoy tea and biscuits in front of the crackle and hiss of a weather-defying fire. 

Town house facade.

The exterior is what you would expect from the typical townhouse in the heart of London. Face brick facade with colonial windows, and a stock-standard front door, hiding a plethora of beauty waiting inside. 

Welcome home.

As we step inside, we are greeted with the soft glow of the twin wall lamps, fronting a very hip modern wallpaper style that looks like the runway of a Louis Vuitton fashion extravaganza. 


The dining room is all bathed in soft dun colors, which speaks to a calming and clean lifestyle inside the home. The large window provides a gorgeous view of the city, and the humble wooden floorboards create a therapeutic aura inside the home.

Bring the whole menagerie.

This is further accentuated by the kitchen, which is in the same room. Sporting a well-designed double-counter look, there is no shortage of space for a well-prepped meal. What this room lacks in square-footage, it makes up for in great placement, and plenty of storage. Again, the colors, cabinets and wooden floors coalesce to make this space truly relaxing. 


The living room extends to the left, keeping things sophisticated with minimal clutter and furnishings. The heavy drapes are a perfect blend with the carpet and bucket lounger, and the television is placed in the corner as if to remind us all that a living room is a place for social interaction, and not Keeping Up with the Kardashians


Who could say no to such a stellar winerack? 

Peace and quiet.

A home office is included too, with a specialized carpet to remind the owner that this is a place of business and professionalism. Considering the normal size of a townhouse, fitting in an office is a real treat here. Again, understated wins the day, as this room avoids any lavish decor. 

Enjoy the view.

A tub, a shower and a loo, all in white porcelain with smooth edges. 

And a window to wave to the neighbors to boot. 

Well done London. 


Here we see the master bedroom, tastefully decorated with some modern reading lights and a spectacular picture on the wall. It is a regal room in its bearing and poise. 



Surprisingly there is a fantastic balcony that has no shortage of room for any crowd. Enjoy the five days of sun in London a year up here with friends, family or just that special someone. With the distinct lack of enormous high-rises, you can see the city for miles around. 

Patio at night

And did we mention how serene it looks at night?


Take a look. 

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