The perfect Pretoria home

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The perfect Pretoria home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Flur & Diele von Metako Projex, Landhaus
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Our latest homify 360° highlight takes us to Pretoria where Johannesburg-based architects Metako Projex pulled out all the stops for a modern stunner.

With a lush bushveld as its back yard, this architectural gem, called House Zwavelpoort AH, is not afraid to flaunt its commitment to space and luxury. And let’s not forget to mention eye-catching style, functional layouts and a dedication to spaces bent on entertaining, socialising and relaxing to one’s heart’s content.

Let’s take it away!

The front side

Enjoying an impressive double-storey build, the house demands attention with its striking style at the front – various volumes protrude from one another to conjure up balconies, niches, windows etc, and the combination of diverse materials (glass, raw stone, etc.) results in a façade that is most visually pleasing.

Marvellous motifs

Be honest: did you really expect such elegance and glamour on the inside after seeing the raw-style touches outside? 

The designers of this space were clearly opting for a graceful ambience with that striking wallpaper, which adds just the right amount of detail to the background.

A sleek kitchen

Beauty isn’t everything… Fortunately, the kitchen displays some brains as well (metaphorically speaking, mind you) with its commitment to storage, functionality and adequate legroom for movement. 

Notice the sleek touches that dazzle up this space in the form of the glossy floor tiles, striking ceiling pendants and stainless steel appliances.

A unique bathroom

There is modern style, and then there is this… How often does one get to witness a sink with such a curvy, eye-catching look? Not to mention the towel rail against the wall that sports a rather futuristic style!

High-class views

Remember that we mentioned the back yard is a bushveld? Well, to ensure these homeowners get the best view ever, they have this private little structure that takes them up and away!

We can’t decide which we like better: the little lookout point above, or the wooden deck with the stunning swimming pool below. 

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