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24 home upgrades that wont cost you a lot (part 1)

Leigh Leigh
Moderne Küchen von Concepto Taller de Arquitectura Modern
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It's always wonderful to upgrade our homes just a little bit it, giving it a new and refreshing look and feel. We want a home that feels cosy but also looks professionally designed.

In the current economic climate, however, it can be difficult to upgrade our home. Budgets are tight and home decorating can be bottom of the priority list. 

But today at homify, we are going to show you how you can upgrade your home for less than R100. Whether you want to enhance your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms or just give your entrance hall a refreshing look and feel, there are some wonderful little tips and tricks you can implement that won't break the bank!

Your home will look modern and refreshing in no time!

1. Add a kitchen splashback to reinvigorate your kitchen

Kitchen remodelling in South Bristol Moderne Küchen von Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects Modern
Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Kitchen remodelling in South Bristol

Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

2. Add a colourful bench to your patio for a splash of character

3. Use bricks to create a wonderful pathway leading up to the front door

4. Replace your kitchen cabinets with modern wood – a fun DIY project

5. Add some pot plants or vases of flowers to your outside space for a refreshing and colourful touch

6. Add a vertical garden to an interior space for a splash of green

7. Install shelves across the walls and put books and picture frames on display

Minimalistische Wohnzimmer von Pop Arq Minimalistisch

8. Hang pots from the roof for a tropical look and feel

9. Paint the cabinets in your kitchen a bright colour

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

10. Use lighting to enhance the details of your already beautiful home

11. A vase of flowers can go a long way!

Tropische Fenster & Türen von homify Tropisch

12. Use an old map as a piece of artwork on the walls – you'll create a mysterious and magical ambiance

13. Frame your achievements such as awards and trophies and put them on display

14. Let sunshine flow in

modern  von monica khanna designs, Modern
monica khanna designs

Juanapur Farmhouse

monica khanna designs

Open up the windows and curtains, allowing sunlight and fresh air to flow into your home. It's free and you'll instantly transform your home!

15. Add a lamp or two for romance and ambiance

16. Put your perfumes on display for a beautiful bathroom design

Moderne Badezimmer von homify Modern

17. Expose the concrete or brick walls for an industrial chic look and feel

18. Paint a wall grey to add a sense of elegance and luxury

Hillcrest Moderne Wohnzimmer von De Rosee Sa Modern
De Rosee Sa


De Rosee Sa

19. Shop for a plush, second hand rug for that cosy touch

20. Use vinyl wall art to create an inspirational home! Peel them off when you're bored of them…

21. Make your own curtains with bright or patterned fabric

Departamento Recoleta 1 Moderne Schlafzimmer von GUTMAN+LEHRER ARQUITECTAS Modern

Departamento Recoleta 1


22. Install a swing in your living space or bedroom for a charming yet budget-friendly design

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Mediterrane Schlafzimmer von Bloomint design Mediterran
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

23. Paint a wall black and use it as a chalkboard for recipes, shopping lists or quotes

24. Colourful throws

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VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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