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To make the most of a given property, one needs to pay equal attention to the exteriors just like the interiors. There are unlimited ways to decorate an exterior. While garden, lawn and fountain are a few popular ways, the courtyard is another traditional way to develop a small exterior. A courtyard is your personal space that acts as a bridge between the exterior and the interior. While a central courtyard is an absolute must in a South Indian home, a green courtyard is highly popular in almost all Indian homes as well. So, today we will educate you how to furnish a cosy courtyard space. Using simple furniture or modern techniques like fountains or hammocks can very well do this. The extent of furnishing can be decided as per your taste and budget. If not all, try incorporating some of the below mentioned techniques to get a much beautiful courtyard.

Brightly painted walls

Weekend Home, Ashleys Ashleys Bungalow

Walls make the area warm and pleasant. They are highly essential in the overall décor of an interior or exterior. A brightly painted wall like the one shown in the picture designed by The Ashleys for the weekend home, will accentuate the power of the natural green and make the area so contrasting that you will love to spend your evenings in this romantic abode. Apart from the wall, you can even go with bright coloured fences. These include wide wooden fences that can surely make your courtyard stand apart from the rest of the house. Under the effect of warm sunlight, the bright walls look absolutely beautiful and make the area more welcoming than before.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is essential to enjoy a nice atmosphere in the courtyard. A courtyard can be felt and enjoyed only when there is cosy furniture in the courtyard. This furniture can very well be a wooden table and chair set or a metallic set of chairs. The choice purely depends on the design of the courtyard. The other essential point is the furniture, it should be totally in line with the layout. Try placing it in a position that can make you enjoy the courtyard from all directions. This can very well be achieved by using a hammock or an Indian style baithak.

Creative container garden

After the extension homify

For small places like courtyards, you can use a container garden. This looks beautiful and comes with the main advantage of portability. The containers make it easy for the owners to change the layout as per liking. You can add your creativity in these containers as well. Try using containers of different shapes and sizes. A mismatch is the new trend. You might as well go with coloured containers and planters that can help you create a wonderful array in the courtyard. You can even make use of hanging containers that can help you accentuate the courtyard and the overall house. This type of gardening also helps in expansion as you can easily grow plants in containers first and when they grow big, they can easily be transferred to the ground.

Add mirrors to the wall to make the space feel bigger

Now, apart from the interiors, mirrors are a great option for exterior walls as well. They can bring a charming glow to the façade or courtyard garden. This will help you add a sense of space in the area. When choosing mirrors for the courtyard wall, try incorporating different frames like stone, metallic, sequins etc.  This will help you add colour and brightness to the area. One should try to use bright colours and trendy shapes that can help add depth to the place. You might also try to use DIY patterns to include your creativity as well. Try going for old and unused items, as they will create the perfect natural and earthy effect.

Lighting: electric, solar powered or candles

Lighting is very important when it comes to exteriors. This can either be an electric or solar powered or even candle. If you want a mellow ambience in your courtyard garden, try going for candles that will provide only the needed lighting. If you want something fancy and bright, you might go for electric lighting in different colours that can accentuate the overall look of the house along with the exteriors. Solar powered lights are again a good option as it can help you save on electricity bills. It is sustainable and highly eco-friendly. If you want to host a party night with your close friends, you can even make use of spotlights and LED lamps that can create a perfect party ambience.

Ornaments or artwork

Ornaments or artwork are used to enhance the look of your garden. These can very well be fountains, or wall hangings. Try incorporating fountains in bright colours and patterns that can easily fit in the courtyard space. You might as well go with colourful accents like a hammock or sculptures. In Asian courtyards, you might as well go for the statue of Buddha or a local deity. Another interesting installation can be a bunch of artificial flowers that are added to provide perfect colour coordination with the rest of the garden. You can even go with an elephant like fountain or some other crazy shapes that can make your friends envious of the overall setup.

Trellises on the fence

Bambootec , Bambootec Bambootec Moderner Garten

Trellises are usually made of a wooden or metallic structure. They basically look like a lattice that can help decorate the courtyard in a beautiful style. This is an old style decor element, but has been in trend for many years. It has evolved with time and is now embellished with bright colours and trendy patterns that can help accentuate the look of your courtyard garden. You can even make use of them to display a bright array of planters that can add colour to the area. This will not only save space, but will surely give your courtyard a refreshing look. A wide array of white trellises along a brightly coloured wall looks nothing less than spectacular. You can add multicolour trellises for a bolder, louder and effective touch.

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