A gorgeous little house on the icy prairie

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Have you ever seen a home, high up in the mountains that just looked like the perfect getaway? A place for you and your loved ones to escape whatever white noise the world was throwing at you that day?

Today we've got a special little home for you, cooked up by an Austrian architect, that will simply astound you. It is simple, smooth and extremely handsome, in a boyish rogue-like way. 

Fit together from multiple pieces, this small little bit of heaven is absolutely idyllic. 

1. The mountain.

Opposite the expansive terrain, you have a crystal clear view of the mountains in all their eternal glory. 

The home is pentagonal on the side, and hexagonal to the front, giving it a modern-touches-futuristic look that excites the taste buds and sets the nerves afire. 

2. The view.

Well if this isn't a step on the way to heavenly, not much else is.

Facing the valley, this little home is positioned perfectly for maximum absorption of the stunning surrounds.

3. Face on.

The sharp angles are actually designed intentionally to maximize the space around the viewing stations inside the house to give the best possible quality.

Stationed just off a lodge, one does not have to travel far to find familiarity, but still maintains that privacy and outdoors-feel that makes this home so special.

4. Construction.

Assembled from separate, but interlocking, pieces and raised above the floor on short stilts, this home can handle the deep snows without being affected negatively.

5. All seasons.

Even when the sun comes out, the home looks at peace on the prairie and offers the owner plenty of places to soak in the sunlight and enjoy nature in a most pastoral setting. 

6. Entrance hall.

The all wooden interior is a fresh perspective on interior design, especially given the home's unique architecture. 

With a subtle little area for snow boots, shoes, coats and bags, the entrance is warm and inviting. The curtain acts as a simple separation without the need for bulky doors or walls.

7. Boiler room.

It leads straight into this magical room, with the old school boiler on to keep the occupants warm all year round. 

There is plenty of seating to be had, while the large windows seen from the exterior make a home here to offer unencumbered hours of staring into the great beyond. The dining table is a great place for all sorts of relaxing, social or silent activities.

The classic look of this room adds to the modern shape in a twisted mix of new school and old. And there's no school like the old school. 

8. Bring me that horizon.

This is the epicenter of this architectural style. A place to relax and feel outdoors, with none of the elements out to destroy you. 

The double layered effect gives a great environment for the whole family to enjoy, while providing mesmerizing amounts of ambient light.

9. All angles.

From here you can see just how the entire home fits together; a true marvel of architecture. Three disparate floors coming together in one absolutely knockout effort.

10. Up top.

Just above there is the bedroom; a serene and cozy little floor with space enough for everyone. Just a short trip from everything else in the home, so you won't feel more than an arm reach away from whatever it is you're looking to find – family, friends, or another glass of Merlot. 

11. Extension.

There is even a little curtained off room.

Use at your discretion.

12. Shower time.

Of course, the need for ablutions is as necessary here as in any other home. But why shower in a telephone booth when you can have this gorgeous bathroom?

The natural light lends a window to the outdoors, while the room is fully modernized in terms of piping and clean water.

13. Another look.

From this angle you can see the floor is tiled all the way to the window, so that you aren't stepping on the wood and warping it out of shape with the water. The sink and vanity mirror are well placed to offer all the best of the bathroom with minimal fuss.

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