8 practical ideas that will add value to your kitchen

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A well-designed kitchen is one that is full of secrets. It has several details that may not be visible but help to make life easier for those who use the kitchen. It’s comparable to a Swiss knife that holds a series of tools that are easily accessible with the push of a button.

Good kitchens are small instruments that help us in our daily work. They should be full of compartments, large drawers and intelligent solutions, which make working in them fun.

​1. The corners

Corners are the most unfriendly parts of a kitchen as accessing them is difficult. Usually, they are used to store crockery that we don’t need often or to hide a stack of disorderly plastic containers. However, in smart kitchens, corners can be fitted with special pull-out racks or swing-out storage that provide easy access to work tools or utensils. They are so easy to use that you can open and close them all day without any trouble.

2. Well-planned project

Intelligent kitchens are planned and carefully designed to take advantage of each of its parts with innovative possibilities. Consulting a professional is always a good idea as they can help you to make use of every available inch in a practical manner. By designing using 3D technology, we can visualize the result and make changes without having to invest large sums of money.

3. Deep drawers and pantry cupboards

Large drawers are very helpful in kitchens. They can be used to store pans and dishes or to organize the pantry by cuisine theme. This image has a perfect example of well-organized storage with a series of deep drawers that help to organize food systematically. We can store pasta along with sauces, condiments and butters, like you see it displayed in a supermarket.

4. Stainless steel details

There are several types of kitchen hardware that simplify life and make everything look more aesthetically appealing. Beautiful stainless steel fittings are an ideal addition to a kitchen, like this example that has a drainer built into the top of the sink with space for cutlery and dishes – a detail that makes this kitchen something special.

5. A secret detail

Every kitchen should have secrets. This spacious kitchen is set in the backdrop of a lovely dining room with a mix of classic and modern design styles with transparent chairs and a solid wood table. It has a smoke extractor built into the cabinet – a stainless steel detail that doesn’t stick out in the overall design theme as it is hidden behind the cabinet – a nice secret!

6. A transforming feature

This kitchen has a secret that is hidden in its countertop. Through a slot, a cutting board emerges to provide additional workspace. It can be returned to the origin position after use to provide more space for moving around. With a simple feature, the space can transform to become more useful.

7. Fittings and taps

Pay attention to the faucets while choosing fittings for the kitchen. As it is a space that faces a lot of wear and tear, it’s worth making a wise investment to ensure you get the right fixtures that offer superior performance and durability. Choosing stainless steel taps guarantee that they will last a long time besides adding to the elegance in the kitchen.

8. A special kitchen

Kitchens help to simplify our lives and are the soul of a house, especially for those who love to eat and cook their own meals or experiment with new recipes. Creativity cannot thrive in the midst of disorder, so it’s important to maintain style and order to enrich the experience within the space. While there are thousands of good kitchens, only a few are special as they are created with attention-to-detail and love right from the planning stage.

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