13 low cost but lovely little houses

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13 low cost but lovely little houses

Swapnil Kangankar- Homify Swapnil Kangankar- Homify
Lucia’s earth Häuser von studio_GAON
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Typically, when the budget is low, we are usually wary of getting a new house. The general conception is that if the resources are low, one cannot get a desirable house. However, what if we told you that this is not true?

With some creative thinking, a well thought-out brief, and hiring the right consultants, you can certainly achieve the vision of your dream house. To further help you with creative ideas, we have selected a list of 13 low-cost apartments that you can easily take inspiration from. Read on further, we are sure that you will come across something interesting…

1. Modular home

The cost of modular houses is usually low but that does not mean that they do not look beautiful. This small house in the figure has a wooden ladder, the overall setting exudes a strong country style that is perfect if you want to live in the suburban or rural setting.

2. With traditional Japanese roof tiles

Our next project is this lovely Japanese house with traditional roof tiles, the sliding door on the front facade is also worth mentioning. In addition to these elements, the house also features symmetrical cutouts that soak in plenty of natural light and ventilation.

3. Movable structure

This steel cladded house is perfect if you have an adventurous soul and are always on the go. It comes equipped with a nice porch, sleeping area as well as a full-fledged kitchen!

4. Modern yet traditional

Moderne Garagen & Schuppen von homify Modern

This house is built majorly in wood and has a nice high pitched roof inspired from traditional forest cottages. We loved how the architects have combined the old and new by providing the large aluminium cutouts with traditional rustic wooden construction.

5. Portuguese charm

You cannot pass by this house without stopping to notice it. With its stunning aqua green tiles and a simple easy to construct form, this house looks splendid in its setting.

6. Houses that can be transported

This mobile house looks like it is taken straight out from the storybooks. With its white wooden facade and a high pitched roof, this cottage is perfect to spend a week in the forest, away from the civilization.

7. Modern design

With a simple geometric form and some high-quality artistic materials, this house exemplifies modern construction that looks stunning but at the same time is also affordable.

8. Inspired form Korea

This traditional Korean house offers decent indoor space as well as has a small porch on the outside that can be used to have a nice cup of coffee.

9. A house in the suburbs

This suburban house is practical as well as is designed in a way that it fits perfectly in the budget. The large open space around it is a huge plus and provides the users a nice extension of the indoors into the surrounding atmosphere.

10. A mini container

Container houses are getting popular by the day. With nice inbuilt cutouts and some creative external lighting, this container house offers its users a wonderful place to rest after a long day at work.

11. Traditional Japanese house

Lucia’s earth Häuser von studio_GAON

Lucia’s earth


By combining modern aesthetics with traditional construction, this house offers its residents a wonderful place to live in spite of being surrounded by dense crowded buildings.

12. A house with an atrium

Although this house looks simple from outside, it, in fact, has a wonderful cutout in its center that offers its residents the pleasure of soaking in the sun or enjoying the rains while being protected by the four walls of the house.

13. Modern elegance

This elegant house from the suburbs looks neat courtesy of its dark high pitched roof and beige colored walls. We also loved the simple outside space that is developed as a lawn to create a subtle buffer between the home and the main street.

If you loved these houses and would like to see more, we recommend that you read 7 low-cost home ideas that look expensive

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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