The Epsom home with an unusual extension

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The Epsom home with an unusual extension

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Küche von Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects, Modern
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For our newest homify 360° discovery we travel to Epsom, where London-based firm Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects showed us what they are capable of design-wise.

The project? An open-plan layout in a residential home that includes a kitchen and dining room, with both areas opening up most fabulously onto a terrace and lush green garden.

Let’s explore!

Blurring the lines

Think about the choices of doors and windows in your house for a moment – are they the best picks? Do they allow you the best garden views or the best “flow” between your interior spaces and exterior areas?

Fortunately, this design doesn’t have to reconsider its choices in folding doors, for nothing will beat the fantastic way in which they fold out of the way to beautifully blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Shall we take a peek at the inside?

The kitchen

How many people can boast about cooking with a view? But fabulous garden view aside for just a moment, take a look at the delicious style of this kitchen – the exposed brick wall and timber beams; the island which invites us to have sit-down; the touch of shine included via the stainless steel appliances.

A definite dream come true for any (wannabe) cook! 

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The dining area

A hop and a skip away from the culinary corner we find the dining spot, which provides a most eye-catching style. The combination of a traditional dining table and chairs with a sleek and super modern ceiling light ensures a touch of eclectic style, enhanced even further by the ample legroom and oceans of natural light flooding indoors.

Doesn’t this spot just make you want to socialise?

Raising relaxation levels

We certainly don’t blame anybody for making up excuses to spend more time in this kitchen/dining area. And just in case those relaxation levels need a boost, a hammock has been added into the background corner – how else are you going to enjoy that fresh green view in relaxing style? 

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