17 home organisation tricks that actually look pretty

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17 home organisation tricks that actually look pretty

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Urgh! Organising a home can seem like a never-ending task, are we right? Add to that, the fact that precious space in your home is often negated in favour of bulky but useful storage furniture, and the end result is you feeling annoyed and not loving the aesthetic of your home. But we want to prevent that today! 

Interior designers have been coming up with pretty and inventive ways to garner the storage and organisation you need, without compromising on good looks – and we're going to show you a few of our favourite tips, right now. Every room in your home, from your kitchen through to your bathroom, can enjoy some seriously stylish and useful installations, but if you don't quite believe us yet, take a look at these ideas!

1. Make more of your magazines with an acrylic holder that will look amazing on a coffee table.

Magazinständer bendix von toshi Berlin Klassisch
toshi Berlin

Magazinständer bendix

toshi Berlin

2. Don't keep all the pretty tins for your kitchen; use a few for your make-up brushes in the bathroom as well!

3. Turn your bicycle into amazing wall art, with a mounted rack that can even house a vase of fresh flowers!

Bike Valet von Sonntagsstaat Klassisch

Bike Valet


4. Use magnetic utensil holders on the kitchen wall, to keep things where you need them and looking ultra contemporary.

Magnetika kitchen - Caren collection von Ronda Design Minimalistisch
Ronda Design

Magnetika kitchen – Caren collection

Ronda Design

5. Upcycle a vintage picture frame to become a striking noticeboard! You'd never lose important letters again!

6. Don't clutter up drawers with your best knives, have them out on display, to prove your chef credentials and have them close-by when you need them.

7. Add handy organisation baskets to your laundry area, as neatness is akin to aesthetic prowess! Keep the colours in-keeping though!

Endlich wird Wäschewaschen zum Vergnügen! Skandinavische Badezimmer von Elfa Deutschland GmbH Skandinavisch
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Endlich wird Wäschewaschen zum Vergnügen!

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

8. Inject extra style to your bathroom by hiding necessary items, such as cotton buds, away in beautiful jars!

Tunisia Made Jars von Hend Krichen Mediterran
Hend Krichen

Tunisia Made Jars

Hend Krichen

9. Source vintage Kilner jars to decant your pantry essentials into and lose all the bulky cardboard boxes. Chalkboard paint will allow you to make easy labels.

Mason Jars Industriale Bars & Clubs von Tramps (UK) Ltd Industrial

10. Give your spices the space they deserve, with their own custom drawer! You'll never be stuck searching for the cumin again!

modern  von Urban Myth, Modern
Urban Myth

Spice Organisation

Urban Myth

11. Wine crates make fantastic rustic wall shelves, especially if you make them into a mini drinks cabinet, to stay true to their original purpose!

12. Repurpose a magazine caddy as an electronics storage basket, where you can keep straighteners and hairdryers all together. So handy!

MAGAZINE BASKET von l'abbate



13. Don't skimp on the hallway storage, as it will offer a perfect place for hiding shoes away! You can even update retro pieces, which will look amazing, but have so much storage inside!

14. Embrace the future with magnetic wall shelves, which you can adapt in an instant to suit your needs and create stylish displays.

modern  von Ronda Design, Modern
Ronda Design

Magnetika system – magnetic shelves and metal panel

Ronda Design

15. Make your accessories part of your bedroom décor and they'll never get lost in the wardrobe again! You won't even need to redecorate, as you can keep swapping your displayed items out!

16. Think outside the box (or table!), when it comes to your nightstand. There are some really stylish and clever ways to garner storage, without buying into bulky additions.

17. Repurpose cake and plant stands to become pretty toiletry holders. Imagine how gorgeous all your fragrances would look on a tiered stand like this one!

Three Tiered Plant Stand von homify Landhaus

Three Tiered Plant Stand


For more organisation tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 40 best home organisation tips of all time (part one).

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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