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10 splendid camouflage closets

Swapnil Kangankar- Homify Swapnil Kangankar- Homify
Moderne Schlafzimmer von EF_Archidesign Modern
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Cabinets are one of the essential pieces of furniture in any modern day house. A lot of our clothes, shoes, books, etc. require dedicated storage spaces, an absence of which can contribute to your house being very messy and untidy. Although essential, cabinets typically consume a lot of space, this not only leads to reduced space for other activities, but many a times, a badly designed cabinet can be an eye-sore in an otherwise perfectly designed house.

Hence, to help you with this predicament, we have sorted for you 10 cabinet designs that offer ample of storage space but at the same time are smartly camouflaged in their surrounding settings. Take a look to know more…

1. Camouflaged in the wall- Shutters closed

The architects have smartly camouflaged the wardrobe in its setting by installing it in the wall niche and then coating it with a similar finish as that of the surrounding walls.

2. Cabinet as an art piece

Designing the cabinets in a manner that they resemble an artistic element can be a very good option. In this bedroom the architects have installed a collage of mirrors on the face of the cabinet to give it a nice designer look.

3. Wardrobe as a wall partition

As seen in this example, wardrobes of suitable thicknesses can be a very good option to provide space separation.

4. Wardrobe with a mirror finish

When we look at this room we imagine this space to be relatively huge. However, what you actually see is the reflection from the mirror fixed on the wardrobe, the entire illusion is made more effective by the slightly angled positioning of the wardrobe.

5. Wardrobe with hidden entry door

This room is provided with a wardrobe that spans across the entire facade of the wall. The design of the wardrobe is such that it also accommodates within it the main entry door.

6. Cabinet in the niche

This cabinet is installed in the niche and is camouflaged with the mirror installed on its shutters.

7. Under the staircase

Moderne Häuser von StudioG Modern

The space below the staircase in most cases stays vacant and unmaintained. Installing a cabinet below the stairs not only allows you more space but also a clean and well-maintained area.

8. Spanning above the bed

Skandinavische Schlafzimmer von homify Skandinavisch

In the case of a really small room, you can think of a cabinet as seen here. The cabinet spans above the bed in such way that it creates a neat niche for the bed to be inserted in.

9. A minimalist setting

With its clean white finish and large sliding doors, this cabinet adds a distinct minimalist charm to the entire setting.

10. The cabinet in the attic

The Three Cusps Chalet Ausgefallene Ankleidezimmer von Tiago do Vale Arquitectos Ausgefallen
Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

The Three Cusps Chalet

Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

Attics if used correctly can offer us decent amounts of space to accommodate a wardrobe. This wardrobe is installed perfectly in the space below the sloping roof in such a way that when its shutters are closed it practically disappears.

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VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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