10 fantastic ideas to decorate your bathroom with wood

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Are you considering remodelling your bathroom? Have you thought of adding wood? Combining wood with other materials can create a beautiful space, no matter what your personal taste and preferences are. There are many bathroom ideas that incorporate wood to give you a relaxed yet luxurious space. Your bathroom is a private space and making sure that it looks beautiful and feels welcoming and comfortable is quite important.

Here is a look at 10 superb ideas to use wood in your bathroom:

1. A mix of modern and classic

Did you think that it is impossible to combine modern and classic styles? You are wrong. Give your bathroom a classic touch with a small wooden antique cabinet that houses the sinks. You can also use a wooden frame for our mirror. Small touches like this will create a classic look that still looks more modern rather than outdated.

2. Go all wood

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Using wooden décor for your entire bathroom can have a stunning effect, if you do it right. Keep wood visible everywhere in this space to give it a charming, elegant look. From the walls to the floor to the area around the sink, go all out with wood and create a beautiful bathroom that will never go out of style.

3. Compact and stylish

Bring some elegance into your bathroom with wood pieces. This is perfect for small bathrooms. A solid wood cabinet will give you an eye-catching piece where you can store your bathroom essentials. Add a wood-framed mirror and you have a simple yet stylish bathroom.

4. Wood with mosaic

Varnishing the wood pieces in your bathroom will not only enhance their natural beauty, but will also make them look livelier and brighter. Get a sink and panel assembly with wood to create the perfect atmosphere. Add a mosaic wall to give the space a dash of modern elegance.

5. Wood details

You do not have to use wood all over your bathroom to make it look beautiful. A few details with wood can create equally pleasing effect. You can get a modern look with a touch of sophistication. Add small plants under the sink as well as a wood panel with small lighted niches. You do not need to go OTT with wood to create a beautiful natural look in your bathroom.

6. Wooden counter-top

Adding a long wooden counter-top may be all you need to create a sophisticated look in your bathroom. Let the counter-top stretch along the wall and add drawers for storage. The result is a minimalistic bathroom that looks simple yet is sophisticated in a subtle way. With this idea, you get an eye-catching surface with plenty of useful space underneath.

7. Bring in some warmth

Build a counter and cabinet set with wood and give your bathroom charm combined with functionality. This is perfect if your bathroom is not very spacious. Solid wood gives any space a warm and refined look and you can achieve that even in a small bathroom. Plan the space well and you can have a bathroom that looks bigger than it actually is.

8. Simplicity at its best

Sometimes, the simpler a design is, the better effects it provides. You can renew your bathroom with a few simple touches, such as a bathroom cabinet that has a varnished finish. It brings in a natural look and feel that is incredibly charming. If you are on a tight budget, this is the perfect idea for you.

9. Go retro

Who does not love the retro look? Bring it to your bathroom with an all-wood bath set. Create space underneath your countertop for storage space. You can even place a few baskets to keep towels and other bathroom items. This bathroom idea is ideal for those who want to make sure that this space always looks neat and tidy.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

10. Wood and plants

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Do you like to soak in your bathtub after a particularly hectic day? Combine wood in your bathroom décor with natural touches like potted plants or flowers. You will create a blissful, relaxing area where you can ditch the day’s stress. Create a perfect balance in your décor and you will fall in love with the results.

As you can see, using wood in your bathroom is not difficult, and you do not need to make major changes to incorporate it. In fact, it is small, subtle touches that make the most impact. So if you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover, go ahead and use wood.

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