13 amazing design ideas for small bathrooms

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Do you like relaxing in your bathtub after a long day? Is your bathroom a little too small for your liking? Are you looking into ways to make it look more spacious? Well, then you have come to the right place. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, so you naturally want it to look and feel great. The good news is that there are many fantastic ideas for small bathrooms that you can use to achieve the space you want.

Here is a look at 13 beautiful ideas for small bathrooms to inspire you:

1. Bring in some colour

Did you think that only light or neutral colours will make a small space appear larger? You are wrong. Paint a wall in your bathroom with a bright colour to give this room a focal point and make it visually more spacious and evenly distributed.

2. Integrate nature

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Indoor plants add a unique touch to any room, and your bathroom is no different. Integrate nature in your bathroom by adding a small potted plant. This small touch will do a lot to make your small bathroom pretty and comfortable.

3. Get a perfect-sized sink

You obviously need a sink, no matter how small your bathroom is. To make sure that you have enough space in this part of your home, make sure that you pick a sink that fits your bathroom perfectly. This will help make it look bigger.

4. Add a large mirror

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One of the best ways to make a small bathroom appear more spacious is to install a large mirror. It also helps create more light, making your bathroom look and feel bright and fresh.

5. Make the floor bright

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Another way to bring in a pop of colour into your small bathroom is to pick a colourful design for the floor. This too can make your bathroom look bigger. It will also create a unique look and give your bathroom loads of personality.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

6. Arrange items properly

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The way you arrange the furniture and items in your bathroom plays a huge role in how small or big your bathroom looks. Arranging everything neatly will give this part of your home perfect order and ultimately, make it look comfortable and roomy.

7. Add a towel rail or bar

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Towels can take a lot of space in any bathroom. Most people store theirs in a cupboard, but when you have a small bathroom, a cupboard or shelves can be out of the question. One of the best ideas to keep towels neat without sacrificing space is to add a towel rail or bar. They look great and give you loads of extra space in your bathroom.

8. Get open furniture

You need certain furniture for storage in your bathroom. An open cabinet is a great idea as it gives you the storage space without making your bathroom look small and cramped. Practical and functional, this is a fantastic idea if you want your bathroom to look more spacious.

9. Let natural light in

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Light plays an important role in making any room appear spacious and airy. If you have a small bathroom, let in as much natural light as you can. It will also help in creating a more comfortable environment.

10. Get a built-in cabinet

A built-in cabinet with glass doors is an extremely practical solution to help you keep everything in perfect order without sacrificing space. Apart from giving you storage space, it adds a decorative piece of furniture that makes your bathroom look more visually appealing.

11. Use a soft colour palette

If you want to make your bathroom look and feel larger than it actually is, it might be a good idea to use a color palette with soft pastel shades. This allows you to create more light which in turn makes this space look brighter and of course, roomier.

12. Make niches in the walls

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Because small bathrooms do not have a lot of storage space, you need to think of ways to create a functional and comfortable room. An excellent solution is niches in the walls. This gives you much needed extra space to place your bathroom essentials without making the bathroom smaller than it already is.

13. Add bags and baskets

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To make your bathroom look bigger and tidier with everything in its proper place, bags and baskets are a great idea. You can use them to store towels and beauty and hygiene products without cramping shelves and cabinets.

You can have a beautiful bathroom, even if it is a small one, without spending a fortune. With the right idea, you can have a clutter-free space where you can enjoy a soothing bath in the tub any time you want to.

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