21 comely colour combinations for your home

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21 comely colour combinations for your home

Leigh Leigh
 Badezimmer von Katarzyna Wnęk
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A lot of houses have white walls. But don't you find them too boring?

Don't worry, sometimes we on homify do too!

This is why today, we have put together combinations of colours in the home, showing you just how much fun you can have with the walls of your homes. From dark and subtly mysterious to delicately bright and lively, these ideas will provide you with the inspiration that you need to enhance your walls.

1. Fir green

 Wohnzimmer von Gracious Luxury Interiors
Gracious Luxury Interiors

Dark Moody Living Space

Gracious Luxury Interiors

Don't be afraid of dark tones. Here we can see how they can bring elegance and comfort to an environment.

2. Grey and purple

 Wände & Boden von La Aurelia
La Aurelia

Fleur -Variation- Wallpaper

La Aurelia

If dark is a little too depressing for you, go for a combination of tones like we see here! The floral patterns and purple colours make for a soothing and elegant look and feel.

3. Blue grey

Blue grey is the perfect shade for those looking to add a bit of colour to the walls, but don't want to go for an option that is too bright. This is fresh, subtle and timeless.

4. Gilded

 Esszimmer von Style Within
Style Within

Edwardian dining room

Style Within

Gold tones radiate positive energy. Use them wisely!

5. Taupe

 Schlafzimmer von Inspiria Interiors
Inspiria Interiors

Contemporary Interior for an apartment, Sofia

Inspiria Interiors

Taupe is a mixture of grey and brown, which doesn't seem very exciting at first glance. However, once used on the walls, it can be incredibly noble and aesthetically appealing.

6. Dark blue

Dark blue walls create elegance and sophistication in any atmosphere. They also have a calming effect, which provides serenity and leaves us feeling rested.

7. Lawn green

Fans of bright colours can use lawn green to emphasize the walls. This shade works surprisingly well with other colours, styles and materials.

Doesn't it make for a fabulous dining room?

8. Strawberry red

 Esszimmer von Fisher ID
Fisher ID

Dining Room

Fisher ID

A fan of colours? Aim for vibrant red!

9. Dark grey

Become mysterious with shades of dark grey in the bathroom.

10. Eggplant

Canary Wharf - Architects' Finest:  Arbeitszimmer von SCHÖNER WOHNEN-FARBE

Canary Wharf – Architects' Finest


This purple, velvety tone brings a little something special to any room.

11. Green grey

An alternative to grass green, this colour is slightly more smoky. It is neutral enough to remain discreet but it adds a splash of personality.

12. Rose

Pink is not just for a girl's bedroom. Use this soft tone for a modern environment that oozes sophistication.

13. Mint

Die neue Moderne:  Arbeitszimmer von SCHÖNER WOHNEN-FARBE

Die neue Moderne


Mint green is the colour for those who love freshness, fun and personality. Use it with white for a dramatic result.

14. Concrete and metallic grey

Grey is just as popular for the walls as white. Pair with concrete or metal for a futuristic look and feel.

15. Tomato red

This intense red colour is very special! Choose it for rooms that need a splash of personality like the bathroom.

16. Sun yellow

This colour makes for a very positive and cheerful environment. How could you not be in a good mood in this room?

17. Jade green

Wohnwelt Vintage:  Wohnzimmer von makasa

Wohnwelt Vintage


There is nothing wrong with being jaded!

18. Mauve

For a soft yet sophisticated result.

19. 50 shades of green

Who says that your exterior walls should be a neutral colour? Here we can see how the different shades of green combine to create quite an impressive look and feel.

20. Turquoise shades

 Badezimmer von Pixers

Big Blue


Turquoise sades creates a very sweet and elegant look and feel.

21. Nude

Classic Warm:  Wohnzimmer von makasa

Classic Warm


For those who prefer a more discreet look and feel, this is the ideal backdrop for furniture and accessories!

Also have a look at these 15 stone walls perfect for your home (and easy to copy!) for a touch of inspiration.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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