Is this Manchester's best new home?

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Is this Manchester's best new home?

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
modern  von Tsiantar Architects Limited, Modern
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Our latest homify 360° gem comes to us from Hale, with compliments from the experts over at Tsiantar Architects Limited. The project? A new home that was ‘tailor made’ for a young family and designed to fit their exacting brief. 

But what is included with this architectural creation? Well, this 6-bedroom house has a swimming pool and gym, as well as the standard requirements of modern-day living such as a dining room, kitchen, family room and lounge. All these spaces are designed to flow into each other, but can also be closed off depending on how they are used. 

Let’s take a little look-see!

A royal size

Quite the impressive look from the outside, don’t you agree? The house’s entrance hall is an impressive three stories high and presents a most generous window running its full height. Inside, a sculptural staircase leads up to a galleried landing linking all the bedrooms.

Even though the house has an impressive number of rooms, their sizes are considered ideal for their specific functions, ensuring that this home, even though it’s quite big, has a comfortable and homely feel.

So many possibilities

We are just mad about this rear side of the house, not only because of its look (exposed brick, patterned roof, a colour palette made up of earthy and neutral hues, etc.), but also its firm commitment to socialising and relaxing.

There’s a wide open yard to explore, pristinely maintained garden touches to admire, an exterior dining set, plush-looking sofas for relaxation… which to pick first?

A most sleek kitchen

What a sublime cooking- and dining space! The colour palette introduces us to a sleek and shiny style while the kitchen’s layout ensures that this is one space that will never feel cramped or cluttered. 

And that fabulous island presents more than ample space for prepping, working and dining!

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The social hot spot

We end our tour with perhaps the best spot in the house – the indoor swimming pool, where one can relish in pool parties galore regardless of what the weather is up to. Generous glass doors, along with fantastic skylights, bring the outdoor scenery inside while also lighting up this indoor party place.

A most unique creation if we’ve ever seen one, and we’re not only referring to the pool! 

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