6 awesome awning ideas for that elusive British summer

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6 awesome awning ideas for that elusive British summer

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Caravita Pavillon "TOSCANA":   von Home & Light,Klassisch
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With summer looming, you need to make sure that you have everything you need in your garden - and right at the top of your list should be an awning! Ask any landscape architect and they'll tell you that a fantastic spot of shade in your garden, whether permanent or retractable, is a seriously good plan, as when the UK summer hits, the heat is scorching. But we always know that rain could be just around the corner! The last thing you want is to be gathering all the barbecue bits and bobs and trying to dash inside, so come and take a look at these fabulous awning styles and see which one could be perfect for you!

1. Simple and elegant.

This no frills awning would be perfect for any simple and stylish garden and given that it is always in place, even a deluge of rain won't be an issue!

2. Secluded haven.

Caravita Pavillon "TOSCANA":   von Home & Light,Klassisch
Home & Light

Caravita Pavillon TOSCANA

Home & Light

This style of awning, we love! A heavy canvas cover for a metal gazebo has added infinite style and charm and created such a cosy little outdoor seating area that's great for dogs AND people!

3. The arty choice.

Stretched geometric canvas has created a visual display that is hard to beat here! The awning actually almost looks like origami! What a fantastically impactful design!

4. There when you need it.

The joy of a vast electronically-controlled awning is that you can make it simply disappear when you don't need it, but when they look this chic, why ever hide it away?

5. A little bit of boho.

This awning is charming as it has real yurt vibes! Perfect for chilled out summer vibes, the tent-styling here is just so sweet and romantic.

6. Patio perfection.

For a small patio, this electric awning is absolutely perfect! The frilled edging offers such a pretty little touch and the cover itself easily converts an open patio into a more weather-proofed dining option.

For more summer garden tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 exceptional gardens for social summer evenings.

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