15 ideas for decorating your hall and lobby

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While there is no perfect formula to decorate your room, here are a few clues that can help you give your single entry hall a dramatic look and feel.

Good lighting, space to hang coats, bags, and jackets, a key holder, a wooden partition and a few decorative elements are the perfect ingredients to give your hall a new makeover. You can don your creative hat and throw in more elements for a more personalized look and feel.

But, if you are out of ideas and need some cues to do up your hall, you are in luck. Today, at homify we present to you 15 fabulous ideas that you can replicate to give your hall a more glam feel.

1. A great first impression

Start with the foyer of your house. If the foyer looks fantastic, it gives your home a great first  impression. Throw in some decorative elements on the wall of your hall for a dramatic look. You can use mirrors and light if you aren’t sure what to use.

2. Placement of elements

Where you place what matters! Before you start including new elements think of its orientation. For example, if you place everything on the shore of a staircase, you will have a canceled step. Think and plan as to where each element should go in.

3. Welcoming with white

Use white in plenty to give your hall a calm and serene feel. You hall will look clean, neat and large. You can use hues of chocolate to give a contrasting look, if you think that too much white will pale your hall.

4. Avoid saturation

When your lobby is small, care should be taken not to clutter the room. However, if your hall is large do not start stuffing your hallway. Keep it simple and install elements that you think will add personality to your hall instead of stuffing in way too many things.

5. Unique sites that need attention

Most houses that have multi-levels, tend to have stairs close to the entrance. This means you have a canvas to get creative. Throw in an artificial garden, a dresser, or even a fountain at this spot to give your hall a really cool look.

6. All you need is a pair of shelves

It is not hard to create a hall that looks stylish and modern. Use this design that features a pair of ledgers for that clean and elegant look.

7. Use your houseplants to add beauty to your home

What better place to bring in your favourite plants than your hall? Plant some greens in a large planter that will double as a shelf to place things after a day of shopping, school, or work.

You can also hire a designer to attain the look than you desire.

8. Glorify your flooring

What if we say that your floor can add the much needed glam quotient to your hall? Yes, it can. Your floor can transform a dull lobby into an elegant room that oozes style and panache. Use colourful tiles to make your floor more attractive. You can throw in a few tiles in an original pattern in the middle of your gall for a more cooler look.

9. Bring in your favourite flowers

It is not always possible to decorate the entrance of your hall with a dozen objects and accessories. Space limitation and budget may hamper your renovation plans. If your lobby is way too small, do not fret. You can make it a charming entrance by adding a few flowers. This will give your house’s entrance a surreal and elegant look.

10. Throw in a coat rack in your lobby

If you are someone who is meticulous and likes for everything to be in order, a coat rack is an addition that will not just make your lobby look good but also helps keep it clutter free. You get coat racks in all shapes and style and budgets. Pick one that you fancy!

11. Choose the ideal chair for your hall

If your halls size and dimensions permit, include a chair to add to the beauty. But, what type of chair should you choose? Choose a tall, short or wick chair depending on your preferences. Place it at the entrance and you will have a hall that will be your neighbour’s envy.

12. Next, comes the table

Choose a long elongated console table for your lobby. Not only will it serve as a place to throw in small things but also will beautify the look of your entrance. You can choose from myriad designs and colours based on your taste and preference.

13. Mirrors, pictures and other decoratives

You can use mirrors, digital pictures and other elements that you favour to adorn the wall next to the entrance.

14. Attention also with colour

Play with colours to give your lobby an extra cool look. The right colour can liven up even the most drab and dull looking lobby instantly.

15. A modernistic table at the entry

A wall suspended table at the entrance will give your lobby a sophisticated look. The legs are annulled and hence it is easy to keep the place clean. All in all a chic and stylish way to make your lobby more welcoming.

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Other pleasing décor ideas

If you are in search of aesthetic hall decorations then this lobby interior design will definitely serve your purpose. Here, what instantly catches the eye is the huge painting of Lord Ganesh that creates a powerful aura and infuses a colourful spark in the monochromatic hallway. Besides this, the wood paneling on the ceiling as well as on the walls adds to the attractive décor.

Designed by professionals, here is another spectacular creation that can complement any modern residence. In this entrance lobby design, multiple focal points have been created with the highlighter tiles, antique lamps and a beautiful mirror. Also, precisely opposite to the brown accent wall is the wall with plush fabric cladding that lends a luxe feel. Moreover, the gorgeous lighting fixture on the false ceiling brightens up this entrance lobby and infuses a sense of warmth in the entire space.

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