8 ways to use bamboo for your home

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8 ways to use bamboo for your home

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Rustikaler Garten von BAMBU CARBONO ZERO Rustikal
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Bamboo varieties are some of the fastest growing plants in the world. Not only is it abundant but it also has a specifically higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel. It is a material that is both strong and durable, and at the same time, it exudes a natural charm that is warm and fresh. 

This material is often used to create furnitures, food containers, musical instruments, handicrafts and even as building materials that beautifully showcases our culture as Asians. Today, Homify will show you how to creatively maximise the use of bamboo as featured in the designs made by BAMBU CARBONO ZERO.

1. Awning and wall

Bamboo can be designed and decorated beautifully in various forms such as an roof awning or as a corrugated wall for your outdoor space. It could also be used for landscaping materials for the garden by creating a latticework for plants to hang or crawl on. 

2. Weaved bamboo

Having a woven bamboo material as the ceiling creates a nice colour and texture that ties in the overall design. It provides a more natural and rustic appeal to the interior of the house.

3. Wall mount

The varnished dried bamboo mounted onto this modern building creates a nice design feature. Having those sleek, clean lines against the rustic bamboo grains is a wonderful contrast for a unique look.

4. Cabinets

Cabinets can sometimes be an eyesore. Placing bamboo on a whole wall including the cabinets will hide the storage space like they're not really there. 

5. Ceiling

strips of bamboo can also be attached to the ceiling as a design element. It gives the space that laid back tropical vibe.

6. Art installation

Another intuitive design idea for using bamboo is by creating an artistic piece. Laying out the bamboo like a paint is to a canvas and adding light accents that will further highlight its beauty. You could do this technique on a large scale like this or on a smaller scale like as a wall divider for your home. 

7. Trellis

Having bamboo as a trellis along a walk path provides a wonderful shade. This sultry design idea could also be incorporated in balconies as well as the garden. 

8. Canopy structure

Using a bamboo frame for a canopy with a light coloured waterproof fabric makes up an artfully utilitarian structure. You could have it set up along the patio or the garden or even at the roof deck for a nice dining space for small get-togethers with family and friends.

For other design ideas: 8 tips on turning your home into a tropical paradise

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