A rural house with a romantic atmosphere

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A rural house with a romantic atmosphere

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
 Flur & Diele von siwa architects
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Rural living has quite a number of perks. Of course you can enjoy the scenic view as you are surrounded by the natural charm of the countryside but more importantly, how does it affect your family? First and foremost is the quality of air: having lower levels of air pollution can be greatly beneficial to those with children suffering from asthma or grandparents who have a mild heart disease. Staying away from stressors can also have a big impact on you. You become happier as you build better relationships and better foundations, not with brick and mortar, but with the people you love most.

Another reason why people choose to live away from the city is because the value of the property is more affordable compared to urban areas. Not only that, but the cost of living is also generally lower and the produce are fresh, organic and unprocessed. Ideally, moving to a rural area means that you are ready to live a simpler, laid back lifestyle. 

Today, homify will show you a house designed by SIWA Architects. Feel free to catch a glimpse of this perfect rural escape.


There are numerous individuals in the countryside who have acquired a sustainable lifestyle. Although it is optional, but having your own garden or farmland is a good way to make the most out of your property.


The exterior facade of the house has a very Irish style atmosphere. Stone slabs accentuate the fence and the wall with a grey roof to match, exuding that wonderful homegrown grassroots feel like you could almost smell your grandmother's cooking. It would be the perfect place where children can really run around and play and discover the wonders and beauty of nature. 

Scandinavian interiors

Simple and utilitarian design adorn the interiors of the house. High ceiling with a few steel beams, rough-finished walls, hardwood floors, a few furnitures and some accent pendant lighting. On the left is a long slab of cement that could be used as a sitting area or as a table to hold some decorations.

Brick kitchen with skylight

The achromatic stone/brick material used in this kitchen ties in with the exterior design of the house, giving off that natural organic feel which is emphasised by the warm yellow lighting. Even with the cozy ambiance, the architect still beautifully added a skylight feature as a natural light source.

Multi-purpose room

This room is the perfect space to display the collection that the owner has accumulated through the years. It could also be used as a studio or a workshop. The sliding barn door is a nice rustic feature that gives the room some character while the large glass window let's you gaze at the beautiful panoramic scenery.

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