A delightful Singapore terrace home

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A delightful Singapore terrace home

Tiahn Wetzler – homify Tiahn Wetzler – homify
Asiatischer Garten von Quen Architects Asiatisch
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Finding a beautiful balance between traditional, contemporary and eclectic principles, this Singapore home boasts more than a few beautiful elements that we simply can't take our eyes off. Coming at a cost of S$550,000, the house designed and executed by Quen Architects is a beacon of local architecture, representing not only our traditional flair but our stylish approach to modern themes and styles. The young family calling this space home have adapted to the space with ease, and clearly make use of all rooms in a practical but understated fashion. Boasting every aspect of the Feng Shui lifestyle, there is nothing that this house does not achieve; from its structure to the style applied within the interior, it's on-point from every angle. 
Take a look and see if you're as in love as we are…

The relaxing patio

The patio/terrace area of this home is a perfect space to relax.

The open roof

There is nothing more beautiful than looking up and seeing the sky looking back upon us. While inside and protected from the elements, the choice of a skylight roof means that natural light is always flowing through.

The staircase

The multi-teared Staircase suggests a somewhat Scandinavian style with the white-and-wood look.

The entry way

Warm and welcoming, the entrance to this home is lit beautifully by the yellow interior lights and is defined by an Asian-meets-modern style of architecture. 

Another look at the terrace

The bench that spans the length of the brick fence is really what brings a sense of relaxation to this space, as it confirms that this is a place for sitting, reflecting and taking a few deep breaths.

A gorgeous little kitchen

No home is complete without a kitchen, and this not-too-small but not-too-large example is perfect for this young family. The wooden cabinets also add a touch of 70s style. 

A spot for the cat

Just as no home is complete without a kitchen, no home is complete without a cat, and this home offers plenty of perfect little places for a kitty to curl up and get cosy.

A view from above

Looking down from above, we get a real sense of how open and versatile this structure is, and how sophisticated the interior architecture is.

The perfect spot for the kids

The staircase splitting the half-levels of the lower section of the house makes for a perfect spot to play with the kids.

A bit more lived in

From this angle we can see that the dining and living areas are a bit more lived in, and that the home is as family-oriented as it is stylish.

A french touch

As this is a home of fused influence, the French/Mediterranean table setting in the little yard is the perfect addition. 

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