7 fantastic ideas for your terrace

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The terrace is the perfect place to relax in the evening and enjoy the breeze and fresh air. With the internet in our pockets, it's sometimes hard to find time to enjoy the outdoors. Just being outside and seeing some greenery helps to ease our minds and our nerves more than we think. This ideabook will guide you through several ideas on how to make your terrace more comfortable, beautiful, and functional. 

We hope you will be inspired to recreate some of these designs in your own terrace at home. There is an idea for every budget and taste here so dive in, swim in the creativity and see what happens! 

1. Decorate your terrace

Many people think decorations are only for the interiors of a home, but this is far from the truth. Any social area should have some sort of decorations. It could be anything – a decorative mirror, textiles, and other accessories add personality to your terrace and make it more vibrant.

For more inspiration, have a look at 10 enchanting rooftop terrace ideas.

2. Swinging style

Who doesn't love to sit in a swing and stare out in a daze? It's also a bit cooler on the swing if you move enough! It's nostalgia, it reminds us of carefree days as children and gives the terrace a relaxed feel.

3. Outdoor dining

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The terrace can even replace a whole room or area of the house. You can have your meals outside, and this may even bring with it other good habits like not turning on the TV during meal times and having a conversation with the family instead. Plus it's a great way of spending more time outdoors. 

4. Vertical garden

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If you have a small terrace or not much of a terrace at all, there will be at least wall space. Make use of that wall space by attaching pots or planters with plants in them for a vertical garden. This way every home can afford to have some greenery at least. 

5. Walls and flooring

The right walls and flooring can do wonders for any space, even an old neglected terrace. Pictured here, we see a very contemporary design with the highly textured grey wall and a perfectly coordinated patterned tile flooring in the same colour scheme. The modern round sofa compliments the design of the walls and flooring very well. 

6. Incorporate a small garden

If you have space for a few potted plants or planters attached to the railings, then you really should. Plants make such a huge difference on balconies. They just belong there, and balconies just aren't the same without them. You can use stones and wooden pallets to create a more interesting landscape for your garden. 

7. Gazebo

A gazebo will not only add sophistication to your terrace, but can also provide shade and comfort. In this case, the dark wooden latticed gazebo offers a cosy space comfy enough to be a bed. You can add drapery around the gazebo to highlight it even more, or grow flowering vines around it so that it blends in harmoniously with the environment outside. 

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