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A magical home with spectacular interiors and a beautiful patio!

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Get ready to discover a magical home, a residence where glamour, comfort and beauty reside harmoniously and where nothing, no corner, no detail, not a single inch is wasted. 

This is Regency House, a two storey, contemporary style dwelling with an industrial, modern air and some minimal details on the main facade, such as large transparent volumes and a long stone wall. Many surprises await us in the back yard too. Are you ready?

The interiors

homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

The atmosphere is clear, bright and fresh. The interiors combine industrial details such as cement, wood, steel and glass linings, but on structures that play with space in a playful and friendly way. The details in wood stand out for their warmth and colour.

High ceiling and a mezzanine

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer

The  main living room has a high ceiling, highlighting the mezzanine of the second floor which is actually a corridor that serves as a passageway to the rooms. A large gray stone wall supports the fireplace and stylizes the volume upwards. The furniture is more than glamorous, comfortable and welcoming, inviting us to spend a rich afternoon sharing a chat.

Functional kitchen

homify Moderne Küchen

The luminosity is present throughout the residence. The kitchen is light and bright, thanks to the selection of colours: white walls, clear countertops, stainless steel appliances and a lively red colour in the lower cabinets, the perfect dose to brighten up without being saturated.

The stairs

homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

From the lobby, these are the stairs to the second floor. The railings are made of steel and glass, and in the background, while connecting two rooms, the path becomes a mezzanine from which you can observe the main living room. 

Master bedroom

homify Moderne Schlafzimmer

The master bedroom is amazing. A clear window shares the space with the exterior, the style is sober and very delicate, with a strong chocolate tone in some details like the headboard and the picture on the wall.The atmosphere is modern and bright, perfect for resting.

Bedroom for the boys

homify Moderne Schlafzimmer

For the little boys, the bedroom also has its own mezzanine which is reached by means of steps. The management of colours and furniture is precise: a bunk bed on a larger bed with its own private area, play area and enough space for reading and coexistence.

Girls' bedroom

homify Moderne Schlafzimmer

The girls' bedrooms have their own mezzanine as well, meaning the ceiling has a good height to achieve this. This room is fun and warm, climb the stairs and you come to a play area. A nice touch so the girls never get bored!


homify Moderne Badezimmer

The bathroom in the social area is fabulous, elegant and sophisticated. A selection of materials with matching colours such as gray stone, black and white marble, gray tile and black granite for the washbasin completes the design of this bathroom. 

Game room!

homify Moderner Multimedia-Raum

The residence is so fabulous it has a games room! With a pool table, table for table tennis, TV room with its own bathroom and bar area – people are never going to leave this room. 

The rear terrace

homify Moderne Häuser

After the social area, on the ground floor, the space is visually shared with a large terrace and the living room, dining room and a sunny area leading to the garden and pool. A well lit, cool and inspiring space.

The main facade is ultramodern!

homify Moderne Häuser

The facade exudes modernity and style. It is formed by a large block delimited in gray stone and projecting structures of steel, a central bucket coated in cement and a transparent cube in the outermost corner. The gardening is precise, light but with the perfect colour and size to delimit the entrance path, separate the  garage and look elegant and fresh.

An overview

homify Moderne Häuser

To say goodbye, we leave you with a view of the whole house from the back: a generous garden, a huge terrace, a pool and all the interior rooms connected thanks to the glass walls that separate from the outside. A modern design that is also functional, beautiful and fantastic?

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