Make your home more you with these 14 ideas!

Interior Irsina_MATERA, B+P architetti B+P architetti Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus
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You do not always require the room decorators or interior designers to give that extra edge to your home spaces. All you need is your own creativity & a bit of tasteful quirk to add substantially to the visually sound practicality of your spaces & decor elements. Be it utility items in your dining room, kitchen, living room, garden, study, etc. or plain white walls of your spaces or simply decoration, a dash of originality can go a long way in giving your rooms that much desired facelift sans incurring high costs.

Today, homify brings to you 14 such amazingly creative ideas for different parts of your home, that are far from pricey. Employing upcycled materials, greens, fresh paint, art pieces, lighting and discarded items, wonderful functionally appealing items could be conveniently had, that serve to enhance the practical poise of your living spaces. You can combine different design styles as well.

Sounds interesting? Take a look!

1. Reclaimed woody ritz for industrial-style singularity.

homify Industriale Badezimmer Massivholz Blau

2. Nobly vertical versatility & chic stumps of grace.

Baumwoll-Plüschdecke "Cotona-Filia" Allnatura Moderne Wohnzimmer Bio-Baumwolle,Plüschdecke,Baumwolldecke,ökologisch,Decke,Accessoires und Dekoration

3. Warm modernity of practical panache.

Baumwoll-Plüschdecke "Cotona-Linea" homify Moderne Wohnzimmer Bio-Baumwolle,Plüschdecke,Baumwolldecke,ökologisch,Decke,Accessoires und Dekoration

4. Lit up with brilliant hues of novelty.

5. Of plastic, pink and multifaceted modishness.

NEON LED por Zilverblauw, FittinQ FittinQ Moderne Schlafzimmer Plastik Pink Beleuchtung

6. Humble space-saving usefulness for study room sass.

Chockablock Loaf Abstellraum Holz Aufbewahrung

7. Hand screen print adds hearty life to white soberness.

David Mellor Minimal Cutlery Hand Pulled Screen Print Lane Moderne Küchen Accessoires und Textilien

8. Snug den of cheery repose surrounded by greens.

Amy Sia cushions, Amy Sia Amy Sia

9. Alphabetical allure meets palliative plant relief.

Uitgebreide collectie Design Letters woonaccessoires, Kleuroptafel Kleuroptafel Innengarten Raumbegrünung

10. Modesty of multifunctional magnificence loaded with innovative glory.

11. Artsy aesthetics add to lavish sumptuous accents.

12. Well-rounded jazz adorns simplistic functional finesse.

FERM Living, Interiortime Interiortime Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus Kommoden und Regale

13. Hung up on smart contemporary convenience.

FERM Living, Interiortime Interiortime Moderne Küchen Aufbewahrung und Lagerung

14. Generously voguish blend of plush Scandinavian elegance & rustic warmth.

Scandinavian eating 99chairs Skandinavische Esszimmer Tische

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