How to give your bedroom a hotel look

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How to give your bedroom a hotel look

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 Schlafzimmer von Principia Design,
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When you leave for vacation and spend time in a hotel, what do you look most forward to? The fluffy bath towels, comfortable bed linen and unbelievably soft pillows? Or views of the mountains and ocean? Well, in this homify feature, we look at some easy tips and tricks to recreate that hotel bedroom experience at home. Sound interesting? Begin imagining how you'll relax and unwind in the comfort of your personal space… in style of course!

1. Natural textures

Wooden accents are great in a modern bedroom with a rustic inspired design. Go with navy bed linen and white elements to enhance and upgrade your home with a marine theme.

2. Floor-sweeping curtains

So you've caught up on a great night sleep in your hotel quality bed. Now, open those floor-sweeping curtains and let the sun shine in and add natural light to the brilliant design of your bedroom.

3. Stylish seating

Hotel accommodation always includes a comfortable seating area to relax, without messing up your bed. These inviting chairs with their pretty scatter cushions will do just that.

4. Cosy comforts

A lovely fluffy throw at the edge of your bed, more than enough storage and of course all-white cabinets and bed linen, what more could you ask for when it comes to minimalist modern detail?

5. Beiges and greys

You cannot go wrong with sultry and elegant colours to decorate your bedroom, the combination of greys, beige and rich creams are superb. There's something vibrant and vintage about this wallpaper, old-fashioned patterns and textured detail that makes this space absolutely inviting.

6. Amazing views

Experience the splendour of your gorgeous surroundings by including a magnificent view into your decor. Catch a glimpse of the glorious sunset from the comfort of your wonderful bedroom and admire the seaside charm while you're at it. Here are 11 beautiful new South African bedrooms to inspire your upgrade.

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