5 spectacular houses made of stone!

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If you are looking to give your dream home that extra edge with natural materials & a striking yet uncomplicated appearance, stone is your best bet. Architects swear by the sturdy elegance of stone while designing houses, because of its natural properties like heat-insulation, resistance to corrosion & water, and ample scope for creative design both on the exterior as well as interior.

Today homify brings to you 5 stunning houses where stone as the building material has enhanced the graceful poise of the architectural design. Have a look!

1. Stone on stone.

This modern family home in South Korea was constructed near the sea. With its imposing stone facade, it creates a harmonious connection with nature. This impressive structure has been built as well as is partly clad in stone. 

Contrasting well with the dapper dark natural stone of the roof and the upper floor, the white plastered ground level & the garage made of concrete look attractive.

Backed by allure.

On the backside, the surprising dimensions of the house clearly wow you. The dwelling is much longer than what the front aspect suggests. The roomy glazing of the living spaces is specially highlighted. It has been ensured that the rooms sitting on the ground floor, like the living room, the kitchen and the dining area are flooded with natural light. If you look at the upper left side, you can appreciate the large roof terrace.

2. The face of exquisiteness.

House in the Landscape, Kropka Studio Kropka Studio Moderne Häuser

The exceptional facade of this passive house in Poland is its USP: the stones have been arranged in the form of gabions! Gabions are usually seen only for highways or unconventional gardens. However, as is visibly evident, gabions as facade cladding is not only a sureshot eye-catcher, but also extremely practical- a special mounting system could be employed to integrate thermal insulation into the gabions and contribute significantly to efficient optimization of energy.

Stylishly lofty!

House in the Landscape, Kropka Studio Kropka Studio Moderne Küchen

From the inside, the house is much brighter and more open, as one would not expect from the sober facade. Because of the absence of an intermediate floor, the ceilings are very high which is reminiscent of the modish & hip loft style. The kitchen shown here conveys the clearly modern character of this fetching stone house. The kitchen cabinets & modular appliances integrated into the wall, and the large wooden kitchen island lend a really sassy touch to the huge space.

3. Historically elegant.

Dating back to the 17th century, this farmhouse is a visual treat sitting pretty on the British Channel Island of Guernsey. The expert architect team was entrusted with the responsibility of providing the existing building with an extension, with 2 requisites- underlining the historic flair and simultaneously also reflecting the modern vibes of contemporary living. In the next picture, you can appreciate how this was accomplished… ..

The feel-good factor beckons!

And here is the fantastic extension- surrounded by the existing residential building is the spacious inner courtyard, thoughtfully furnished as a jazzy second living room. Ceiling- high folding glass doors ensure that the interior and the exterior can be seamlessly connected as desired, to form a large space. The swimming pool, visible on the left side of the picture, makes the courtyard the perfect spot as an outdoor lounge.

4. Modernizing the stone houses.

In the Pyrenees, the architects undertook to impart a modern look to an entire complex of stone houses. Situated on the northern slope of a hill, this 6459 square feet plot offers fabulous views, making this place a sought-after destination. And so, the builders wanted to reconstruct the main house for private purposes and establish the adjoining buildings as holiday homes.

The beautiful hint of Scandinavia.

Taking a peek into one such holiday home, you are greeted by the pleasant surprise of the interiors basking in the allure of the Scandinavian style, which makes the living spaces extremely exquisite. Winsomeness of wood in different tones makes the ambiance particularly warm & comfortable. The ceiling design with the wooden beams steals the show here.

5. The Mediterranean dream.

Located in the north-west of Spain is this wonderful stone house. The dwelling's alignment to the street is straight and the house boasts of a U-shaped protected terrace area that is so designed to be comfy & creative. The small stone design perfectly fits with the style of the house, and the palliative green relief imparts dollops of appealing accents.

Natural connections…

The lovely theme of the stones is also adopted inside- a part of the living room wall is clad with stone and strikingly stands out from the remaining white plastered walls. Thanks to the concealed lighting of the ceiling, the extraordinary wall design is superbly achieved.

Not only the emphasis on usage of natural materials like stone & wood but also the employment of expansive windows on both sides clearly conveys contemporary living in harmony with nature, enriched with soothing views.

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