5 single-detached homes for families with a small budget

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5 single-detached homes for families with a small budget

Naia Carlos Naia Carlos
von compaxtus
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Although sprawling villas and luxury condominiums may be the stuff of most people’s dreams, families who are just starting out need to be more practical in the pursuit of their first home. After all, most young folks have a limited budget to work with. While their finances may not be enough to secure them an extravagant estate, it could be sufficient for a small single-detached dwelling that’s less in size but certainly not lacking in charm.

The low price point isn’t the only advantage to opting for a smaller house. Modest single-storey homes are easier to maintain, less expensive to keep, and less prone to clutter. Because less furniture and décor are needed, homeowners can focus on acquiring quality pieces.

Even without too much cash on hand, fantastic living spaces abound as professional architects have designed utmost ease of living in smaller-scale abodes. Explore the variety of options in single-storey single-detached living in Homify’s picks below.

1. Homey three-bedroom abode

Who wouldn’t want to come home to this inviting one-storey home? Nestled in a property with a tranquil garden, the 122.75 square meter house features three bedrooms, a living room, an office, a kitchen, three bathrooms and a single parking space. While the classic architecture of this residence might seem imposing in larger structures, it is a welcome design here. Warm colors make the home appear even more inviting to both residents and guests.

2. Two-bedroom tiny home for starter families

Light-hued with a dark roof, this single-storey house has a total area of 120 square meters. While it is tiny compared to other single-detached residences, it’s comfortably-sized enough to house a small family with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a garage.

The décor of this cozy home is a tasteful mix of modern and traditional. While the materials – aluminum and glass – provides a strong framework for the humble abode, while soft neutral tones and gentle arches keep it from being too sleek. The full-length windows are a deliberate design, a way to keep the interiors always bright, airy and even a touch larger than it really is.

3. Beautiful yet modest dwelling

The house is only 120 square meters, but it’s certainly not lacking in elegance. It’s quite modern in design with pristine white façade that makes use of glass and brick as finishings. Clean lines and quality materials make a subtle yet welcome impression.

In front of the house, an elevated covered deck provides a fine entrance. It’s an attractive space for sunny mornings or al fresco meals, a true luxury for tiny house living. It shows that even without a ton of space, homeowners do not have to sacrifice their lifestyle when moving into a smaller-sized family home.

4. Square house on elevated property

von compaxtus

Here’s another one-storey home that doesn’t scrimp on outdoor space. While this one features a simpler modern architecture than the previous one, it’s no less pleasant. It’s sits on land higher than street level, so sitting on the front deck offers an attractive view of the surroundings. Designed by Compaxtus, the home is only 41 square meters, but offers sufficient living area for a yuppie on the rise with a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a cozy living area.

5. Modern home with bright colors

Just because your house is small, doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up with a bit of eccentricity. In this single-detached modern residence, the façade is an eye-popping combination of red and yellow in a geometric design. These hues go well with the gabled roof and warm brick tones of the finishes.

For creating a home out of a modest-sized residence, check out 8 decorating tips for tiny homes.

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