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25 great bathroom shower ideas

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Trend Bodengleiche Dusche ÜBERALL!: modern  von Jung Pumpen GmbH,Modern
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Whether you have a mini shower stall or a large shower enclosure, it must add beauty to your bathroom. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as showers come in standard designs. To inspire you to get creative, we have picked 25 unusual models that will be the highlight of any bathroom. Let’s take a look at these professionally-designed bathrooms.

1. Modern shower with a stone wall

Wellnessoase Moderne Badezimmer von ARKITURA GmbH Modern



The three-dimensional effect of natural stone creates a unique shower stall. The wall is so eye-catching that the lovely rain showerhead may go unnoticed.

2. Fancy lighting




The floor and walls of this mini shower cubicle are completed covered with brown marble. And, to match the shade, lilac lighting has been chosen. Whoever thinks of installing spotlights in the shower?! A cool idea, don’t you think?

3. All-glass shower

Helles, urbanes Bad mit bodengleicher Dusche: modern  von Jung Pumpen GmbH,Modern Fliesen
Jung Pumpen GmbH

Helles, urbanes Bad mit bodengleicher Dusche

Jung Pumpen GmbH

Step into this shower and you will feel like you are in a showcase as it has glass on all sides. With a floor drain pump, it’s possible to install a floor-level shower – something that was previously impossible.

4. Fascinating natural stone

: modern  von homify,Modern

White natural stone with grey marbling gives this mini shower a designer touch. What’s more, you can enjoy the tranquil setting while sitting on the integrated bench.

5. A natural-stone shower tray

In a smaller shower, you can cover the floor with natural stone to create an impressive element, like in this image.

6. XXL shower

Objekt 254 / meier architekten: modern  von meier architekten zürich,Modern
meier architekten zürich

Objekt 254 / meier architekten

meier architekten zürich

This bathroom has a lot of space for the shower area. It extends over an entire wall. Mini mosaic tiles on the wall visually separate the area from the rest of the room – one of the simplest bathroom shower ideas to create a stunning effect.

7. Shower under a sloping ceiling

HSK-Duschkabine Modell: K2: modern  von HSK Duschkabinenbau KG,Modern
HSK Duschkabinenbau KG

HSK-Duschkabine Modell: K2

HSK Duschkabinenbau KG

With a custom-designed unit, a modern shower cubicle can be installed under a sloping roof without any problem. It’s a clever space-saving solution.

8. Shower wall with niches

If you don’t want to hang metal baskets in the shower, wall niches are worth considering. They are perfect for storing small items and can serve as a highlight when staged with background lighting.

9. Decoration for the shower area

A significantly large niche is the main feature of this shower. A mirror, in the background of the niche, reflects the space to make the entire area appear more extensive.

10. Natural stone from head to toe

A grand combination of natural stone, light and water makes this model a dreamy one. It is one of the shower ideas that works even in a shower stall that isn’t very spacious, as lighting can be implemented easily to create a stunning effect.

11. Imposing ceramics

Pientka - Faszination Naturstein www.adrianpientka.de von Pientka - Faszination Naturstein Modern
Pientka – Faszination Naturstein

Pientka – Faszination Naturstein www.adrianpientka.de

Pientka - Faszination Naturstein

Large-format ceramic tiles make a statement in this modern shower. The colours, which range from brown to copper, are exceptionally beautiful.

12. Walk-through shower

BetteFloor Side: Duschkomfort und Bewegungsfreiheit in XXL: modern  von BETTE GmbH & Co. KG,Modern

BetteFloor Side: Duschkomfort und Bewegungsfreiheit in XXL


Innovative floor drainage allows a shower to be placed in the passage area. Walking through the water jets spraying from the right and left guarantees a refreshing experience.

13. Circular shower

Instead of using a shower curtain, you can have curved glass around your mini shower. This is ideal for small baths as not an inch of space is wasted.

14. Disco-themed shower

BAD von mori Ausgefallen



Glass mosaic tiles can spice up any shower stall with surprising ease. Selecting a range of colours makes the space look even more dynamic.

15. Modern concrete

Bad in Grau mit Holzelementen Skandinavische Badezimmer von Baltic Design Shop Skandinavisch Beton
Baltic Design Shop

Bad in Grau mit Holzelementen

Baltic Design Shop

The small hexagonal floor tiles on this bathroom floor seamlessly transition into the shower area. The concrete provides an interesting contrast to the wooden furniture.

16. A shower partition with a difference

This mini shower area is separated from the entrance of the bathroom by a half-height wall as well as a glass pane. The rest of the room too has creative touches – stylish black and white, with relief provided by bright green.

17. Colourful shower wall

Here’s another example of a walk-through shower. The shower wall not only has 8x15 inch ceramic tiles, but also a waterproof graphic background in beguiling red tones.

18. Mosaic tiles in the bathroom




There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to designing your shower wall to give your bathroom a unique look. How about mosaic tiles with varied colour gradations? It’s a simple idea, but can be a fascinating feature.

19. Corner shower

Dusche mit Sitzmöglichkeit Moderne Badezimmer von homify Modern

Dusche mit Sitzmöglichkeit


In a shower that is in the corner of the bathroom, one has to make sensible use of the space. In this room, this was done by installing a bench to relax in the warm water while seated.

20. Another floor-level shower

baqua - innovative Badlösungen - die neue Art zu Duschen / bodenebene Duschen Moderne Badezimmer von Natursteinwerk Rechtglaub-Wolf GmbH Modern Glas
Natursteinwerk Rechtglaub-Wolf GmbH

baqua – innovative Badlösungen – die neue Art zu Duschen / bodenebene Duschen

Natursteinwerk Rechtglaub-Wolf GmbH

A floor-level shower is a feature that is rarely used today. However, with a circulating shower channel, the water can be easily collected and drained, so having such showers even in the middle of the room is no cause for worry.

21. Shower tile ideas

Creating simple contrasts with tiles can achieve great effects. In this example, the narrow, rectangular tiles stand out against the clean, white look.

22. Open design

You will notice the shower area in this bathroom only at second glance. There’s not a single glass pane to partition the space; only the floor covering demarcates the area intended for the shower.

23. Showering under the slanted roof

Duschbereich im Vollbad Moderne Badezimmer von homify Modern

Duschbereich im Vollbad


Here we see a smart solution for a shower under a sloping roof. The room is separated by a ceiling-high wall. Both sides are illuminated with spotlights and decorated with grey mini tiles. A wall niche provides a decorative element.

24. Double shower

Familienvilla in Grünwald Moderne Badezimmer von Heerwagen Design Consulting Modern
Heerwagen Design Consulting

Familienvilla in Grünwald

Heerwagen Design Consulting

If you have a large bathroom, you can easily set up a double shower – one to the left and another to the right. Sufficient distance between the two ensures that you can choose which one to use.

25. Live with creativity

In this shower, the wall is like a work of art. The earthy tone of the natural stone floor provides a quiet contrast so that the ambiance is not overpowering.

If you liked these bathroom shower ideas, see 9 incredible shower boxes for your bathroom for more inspiration.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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