14 Cool garages for your new home

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14 Cool garages for your new home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
modern  von de-cube, Modern
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If you feel, that a garage cannot be made to look attractive, then our little listing will change your opinion. We will show you a few examples of modern garages that not only utilize the space well but also look fantastic. Apart from this our ideabook also showcases clever ways of designing your garage doors and incorporating the space unobtrusively into the property.

1. Car lift

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Car lift Klassische Garagen & Schuppen von KSR Architects Klassisch
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Car lift

KSR Architects

This incredible ground level garage can be made to disappear completely with a push of a button. The lift like feature gives the garage a chic and safe touch.

2. Indoor garage

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Car Room Moderne Garagen & Schuppen von Folio Design Modern
Folio Design

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Car Room

Folio Design

This garage is a part of the house. It has incorporated the car into the central design of the living space making it look beautiful.

3. Rustic looking garage

This freestanding double garage with wooden gates looks great and offers plenty of space.

4. Wooden garage

Using irregular wooden boards and a black gate has given this garage a stylish look.

5. Double garage

Attached to the house this double garage harmoniously integrates itself into the overall picture and increases the value of the whole property.

6. Traditional garage

modern  von de-cube, Modern

Opting for a simple design is the best option sometimes. Apart from looking fabulous this garage also provides plenty of storage space.

7. Roller door garage

Moderne Garagen & Schuppen von Beth Nejm Modern

This garage hides behind a teak roller door that imitates the facade of the house.

8. Modern garage

You do not need to use your garage as a store; rather you can be inspired by modern designs like these to create a tidy version of the room.

9. Wooden plank garage

If you're ok with extending your budget, then this wooden car park is a great option that looks robust, classic, and beautiful at the same time.

10. Underground garage

Minimalistische Häuser von homify Minimalistisch Stein

Using underground parking can help you save a lot of space. A garage door could be added anywhere according to your preference.

11. Side garage

This fabulous garage opens to the side giving it a unique feel. The side entrance makes it unrecognizable at first sight giving it an extra safe effect.

12. Industrial garage

Kalifornien| USA Moderne Garagen & Schuppen von LEICHT Küchen AG Modern

Kalifornien| USA


For creating a more contemporary house, we recommend you to use this industrial style garage.

13. Gray garage facade

Hassel | Luxemburg Moderne Garagen & Schuppen von LEICHT Küchen AG Modern

Hassel | Luxemburg


Inspired by the modular look of the house, this garage presents itself in an elegant tone of gray.

14. Triple garage

Henley on Thames - After von Garageflex

Henley on Thames – After


This triple garage is the perfect definition of how well space can be utilized.

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