12 garden ideas for small outdoor spaces

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12 garden ideas for small outdoor spaces

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 Garten von Gorgeous Gardens, Mediterran
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The garden is a place to relax and unwind, with elements of comfort that are appealing to the eye, but work well within a small space. Interested? Well, here are 12 great garden ideas that are awesome enough for any space, regardless of how petite. Pretty up your garden with creativity, personality and edgy charm and here's some helpful hints and tips to get the job done, a lot easier.

1. Cover the corner

Surround your home with glorious blooms by decorating it around the edges. Add a simple yet enchanting element with these tiny trees… how adorable are they?!

2. Stone story

 Garten von Yorkshire Gardens, Minimalistisch Holz-Kunststoff-Verbund
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

Use grey stones and pebbles to cover the sand in your planter and make your outdoor area fancy and fascinating.

3. Rock it

Include rocks into the design and get a garden that's different and dynamic.

4. Water feature

Even if your garden is small, it doesn't mean glamour is forgotten, a wonderful water feature will do the trick.

5. Simple

Decorate a tiny balcony with small pot plants for that touch of green and natural charm.

6. Fire pit

Include a fire pit in your garden for those chilly evenings around the fire with loved ones.

7. Delightful

A small garden can be cosy and inviting, just remember to add a stunning seating area for those meals under the stars.

8. Zen it out

If your existence is somewhat stressful, then you should consider a Zen garden to get rid of those bad vibes.

9. Archway

How about decorating your garden with a lovely yet charming archway at the entrance?

10. Colour it

A colourful garden can be created with pretty stones and gorgeous greenery.

11. Lead the way

A deck or pathway will keep foot traffic out of your garden, so there's no need to worry about soil erosion.

12. Rustic

Here's another water feature for a fabulous garden filled with personality. You may also want to know How much will it really cost me to install a patio?

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