9 plants that are perfect for the bedroom

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9 plants that are perfect for the bedroom

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Die Yucca - Zimmerpflanze des Monats Januar: industriell  von Pflanzenfreude.de,Industrial
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Plants provide freshness in every room of the house but they are particularly effective and refreshing, when placed in the bedroom. They bring a wonderfully green ambience to your boudoirs and at the same time, ensure the best possible conditions for rest and recuperation

The fear that some people have, that plants in the bedroom make for bad air, is completely unfounded and while some people might even advise against plants in the bedroom because they release more carbon dioxide during the night, gardeners tell a very different story. The amount of carbon dioxide, by the way, is, absolutely safe and, on closer inspection, it can even be observed that certain plants provide a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Therefore, do not hesitate to beautify your bedroom with some natural greenery and let us tell you which leafy varieties you should be choosing!

1. Yucca palms.

Die Yucca - Zimmerpflanze des Monats Januar: industriell  von Pflanzenfreude.de,Industrial

Die Yucca – Zimmerpflanze des Monats Januar


Yucca palms are perfect plants for the bedroom! This exotic palm, which creates a tropical feel through it's long, sword-shaped leaves, can reach a size of up to five meters if it has enough room for it and will be terrifically tolerant to pruning.

This type of plant is very robust and needs little maintenance, requiring only regular watering and fertilization. If given a good dose of sunlight, a Yucca will bring freshness to your bedroom for years.

2. Orchids.

Alu-Dibond Silbereffekt Orchidee von K&L Wall Art Asiatisch
K&L Wall Art

Alu-Dibond Silbereffekt Orchidee

K&L Wall Art

One house plant seems to reign over them all an that is, without a doubt, the orchid. Due to its timeless elegance, the orchid has, for decades, been an important element in modern households and the beautiful tropical flowers give way to a wonderful aura.

If you want to try having orchids in the bedroom, the best variety to start with is the Moth orchid. This type is very robust and also adapts to warm temperatures and little light. Therefore, it will not likely die, even if you forget about it for a few days!

3. Bow hemp.

Der Bogenhanf – Zimmerpflanze des Monats August: modern  von Pflanzenfreude.de,Modern

Der Bogenhanf – Zimmerpflanze des Monats August


It is uncomplicated, looks interesting and has succulent-like qualities, which is why the bow hemp is another favorite on our list. Given how sturdy it is, it will no doubt be a favorite of yours as well!

The bow hemp originally comes from Africa and Asia, meaning that is is very used to dry conditions, so pop it in direct sunlight and let it flourish!

4. Peace lilies.

Der Einblatt – Zimmerpflanze des Monats Juni: modern  von Pflanzenfreude.de,Modern

Der Einblatt – Zimmerpflanze des Monats Juni


Peace lilies are not only gorgeous, they add a such a chic ambience to a bedroom as well and thanks to their natural predisposition to love humid spaces, they will adore being part of a boudoir decor scheme!

Don;t be tempted to overwater these flowers, as they can be a little delicate, so always read the care instructions.

5. Jasmine and similar varieties.

DIY Dekoratives Hängeelement mit Seilen und weißblühenden Pflanzen. von Pflanzenfreude.de Skandinavisch

DIY Dekoratives Hängeelement mit Seilen und weißblühenden Pflanzen.


Jasmine, Gardenia and Stephanotis are wonderful plants, which are great for any domestic bedroom. The white leaves spray any room with nothing but stunning displays and can be arranged in such a way as to provide fresh pockets of space.

These plants like to be in medium sunlight to shady spots and it is important that they get enough moisture, particularly on hot summer days, when the leaves should also be sprayed with a little water.

6. Calla lilies.

The Calla is like the orchid, in that it is an absolute classic among house plants, as it dazzles onlookers with blossoms in various shades. For this reason, different varieties can be selected to work with existing color schemes in bedrooms!

The Calla blooms from January to April and in the summer months, the plant withdraws itself into a resting phase. The Calla is very dry and cool and if there is enough brightness in the room, you will enjoy the flowers of the beautiful calla in your bedroom for many years.

7. Bonsai!

Bonsai chinesische Ulme von Genki-Bonsai Asiatisch

Bonsai chinesische Ulme


Bonsai trees are a traditional symbol of tranquility and balance and thus, are the perfect plant for a relaxed bedroom. The Bonsai fits into every bedroom design as if by itself and with its delicate and very fine leaves and forms, it is extremely soothing, not to mention fascinating.

Bonsai trees originate from Asia and require a lot of care, meaning that they should only be purchased if you have enough time for them. This includes the regular supply of water, optimal fertilization as well as the perfect light source, not to mention endless and precise trimming!

8. Lavender.

Lavender is one of the most popular plant species ever, but if you decide to have Lavender in the bedroom, make sure you give it enough light. This is the most important thing for a flowering, radiant and fragrant plant.

Basically, this is a plant that likes to be outdoors, but if you have an optimal, bright and humid environment in your bedroom, the Lavender plant will create a fresh scent in your bedroom.

9. Cut bouquets.

If you are all about regular freshness and changing aesthetics, you should opt for the always romantic bouquet of flowers for your bedroom. Here, of course, your imagination has no limits and you can choose anything you love the look and smell of. The real bonus here, of course, is that you can simply swap out your bouquets whenever you feel like it.

So there you have it! Which varieties of plants can you see yourself trying out in your bedroom now? 

If you need a few more ideas for house plants, take a look at this article: 6 ways to add a little greenery to your home office.

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