10 grandiose solutions for sun protection in the garden

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10 grandiose solutions for sun protection in the garden

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
​C4sun: Doppelsegel elips4sun:   von C4sun,Mediterran
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We all want a garden with comfortable seating for entertainment and socialising, but have you thought about sun protection on your terrace? You will want to rest and relax in the grandest setting of course and the team of professionals at homify have compiled this list of 10 grand sun protection solutions for your garden area. Allowing you to remain comfortable during the most sizzling summer day without compromising on style. Interested? Well, have a look at these fascinating hints and tips.

1. Sun sail

Sonnensegel mit innovativer Vorspanntechnik:   von C4sun,Mediterran

Sonnensegel mit innovativer Vorspanntechnik


A stunning sun sail is an ideal form of sun protection for your patio, and because of the eye-catching aesthetics of this sail, it won't bat an eye in the wind.

2. Double sail

Patentierte Wölbungstechnik:   von C4sun,Mediterran

Patentierte Wölbungstechnik


How about a double sail as sun protection on your veranda, they are functional enough to be elegant, but can also cover a large area, instead of an old-fashioned awning.

3. Pop of colour

c4sun Sonnensegel:   von derraumhoch3,Klassisch

c4sun Sonnensegel


You don't need to be boring with the colour scheme of your sun protection for the terrace, opt for a strong colour scheme, such as red for a vibrant outdoor area.

4. Not only in the sun

Sonnenschutz der Extraklasse: modern  von derraumhoch3,Modern

Sonnenschutz der Extraklasse


You don't only need a sun protection in the garden, but it also needs to be waterproof so you can enjoy your outdoors on a rainy day.

5. For your crop

Gestell Anbaupergola SYDNEY: modern  von homify,Modern

Gestell Anbaupergola SYDNEY


Sun protection over your garden will act as a greenhouse, keeping your prized crop safe in even the harshest conditions.

6. The classic

Ampelschirm MARINA 3 x 4 m: modern  von homify,Modern

Ampelschirm MARINA 3 x 4 m


There's always the classic choice for sun protection in your patio… the umbrella. This is flexible and large enough to use in a spacious garden.

7. Awning

Markise mit Volant:   von derraumhoch3,Klassisch

Markise mit Volant


Awnings are another traditional means of sun protection on your terrace. This is a beautiful colour in strong orange, making this modern awning fascinating, even though it is retractable.

8. Cutting edge

Dreidimensionale Beschattung: modern  von C4sun,Modern

Dreidimensionale Beschattung


It's a cutting edge trapezoidal design, but provides extensive sun protection on your patio.

9. Rolled up

Think of this sun protection for your veranda if you prefer the option of rolling up the sail.

10. Mix of materials

die Cubola, die Terrassenbeschattung:   von Textile Sonnenschutz- Technik ,Ausgefallen Aluminium/Zink
Textile Sonnenschutz- Technik

die Cubola, die Terrassenbeschattung

Textile Sonnenschutz- Technik

Our final sun protection for your terrace includes fully electric, roll-up sun protection system that can be mounted freely or attached to the façade. Here are 7 smart outdoor spaces from South African gardens

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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