9 ideas to improve your roof terrace

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They come in glass, fabric, reed or wood, and can be either fixed or movable, and some types of terrace roofing can even be extended or retracted, based on the actual needs, with a remote control. 

We all love to use the terrace in the summer, but during other seasons, we are often surprised by the fast-changing weather, and it is nice not to have to run from the terrace to avoid getting drenched in a rain shower. Even under the dazzling noon sun, it’s lovely to have shade provided by the terrace roofing. So, what better idea than to cover the terrace?!

The only question is: which terrace roofing is the right for your needs? To help you to decide, we at homify present you with the different varieties of terrace roofing available.

1. Awning

An awning on the terrace is the right choice for a flexible patio roofing solution for those who want to do everything. It can be extended when you need protection from the sun or rain, and in perfect weather, you can simply retract it to enjoy the open sky above the terrace. A further advantage of using awnings is that they are available in a range of colours and materials, so you can also use it to decorate or place a special highlight on the terrace!

2. Textile cover

This is among the most flexible patio roofing material. If you want to enjoy the full power of the sun, you simply remove the textile. On the other hand, if rain is predicted, the waterproof textile is once again extended over the structure, and thus, you always have the desired environment in the terrace. Once the summer or rainy season passes, you can simply remove the fabric, wash it out and reinforce the wood structure for the next year.

3. Reed roofing material

Or, how about this filigree-style patio roofing material? It does not provide rain cover, but is still a good option for sun protection. So, if you are looking for a solution that simply reduces the amount of sunlight, the choice of ecologically sustainable reed roofing material is perfect.

4. Glass for terrace roofing

A glass roof shelter is the right choice for those who want to enjoy lots of light, but still be protected from the rain. Fixed glass is a bit costlier, but investing in it ensures that you have a solution that lasts for many years – you just need to find someone to clean the glass panes occasionally.

Contact a professional to get a glass cover for your terrace.

5. Sun sail

A sun sail is a light and summery flexible patio roofing variant, which in comparison to the sunshade is also safe in windier areas. An additional advantage of a sail as a terrace roofing material is its flexible suspension. Depending on the requirements, you can always move it to a different location, and with the appropriate choice of material, a sun sail even protects against the rain, if you use the water-resistant variant.

6. Romantic terraced roof

The tried and tested variant is a pergola covered with traditional roof tiles. This is quick and easy to build because a part is attached directly to the house, and its stability is ensured by the wooden pillar support on the opposite side. It's also one of the simplest terrace roof decoration ideas. Fast growing creepers such as Clematis, Jasmine or Bougainvillea give the terraced roof a rustic and romantic look. A word of advice: Ensure that the plant you choose does not attach too strongly to the masonry and destroy it. Also, choose plants that are suitable for the conditions in your terrace garden.

7. Terrace curtains

This terrace is an extremely versatile concept. It has a

relatively simple wooden structure, which is not only used as a nice terrace roofing solution, but also has a rod for curtains, which can protect from the wind and provide privacy. In addition, a mix of transparent and opaque roofing material was chosen so that the sun does not fall directly on the table (which can make the icing or butter melt). The outer sections of the terrace still have enough light, so one is not sitting in the dark.

8. Remote-controlled terrace roofing

This high-tech terrace shelter is something for connoisseurs! An electronic system, operated with a remote control, allows you to adjust the shadows or light at the push of a button. Thanks to the smooth regulation, the conditions can be adjusted between the extremes to make it comfortable. The separate structure allows the installation to be fixed without additional house extension work or elaborate construction.

9. Sliding elements for the terrace

This terraced shelter, which is made of individually movable elements, is ideal for those who have a terrace with changing wind directions, but don’t need too much protection from the sun. The individual parts can be rotated in any direction, and thus it always provides a corner that is not windy.

For more tips on terrace design, see 7 fantastic ideas for your terrace.

What to consider when choosing terrace roofing

When planning your terrace, it’s essential to keep in mind the need for openness as well as protection against the natural elements. Terrace covering sheets are a permanent solution for protecting against the sun and rain. When they are composed of a transparent material, they don’t cut out the natural light or the view of the sky. However, in the summer months, the enclosed space can get stifling hot. A practical alternative for terrace roofing design that offers flexibility is a retractable awning or even a remote-controlled roofing cover like you see in this image. By opening or closing the louvres, you can filter the amount of sunlight in the area or even move them to the side to have a terrace that is open to the sky. A roofing expert can help you to decide on the best solution for your terrace.

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