Perfect colour palettes for pretty house facades

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Perfect colour palettes for pretty house facades

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 Landhaus von Beech Architects, Landhaus
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Your home's facade is it's calling card, that much we all know, but it can be easy to underestimate how important the house facade colours that you choose actually are. Unless of course you are an architect, in which case you'll have an intrinsic understanding of just how considered this decision needs to be!

Naturally, the colours you choose will always be a personal choice, in accordance with your tastes and preferences, but don't forget to take the age and style of your home into account as well, when trying to decide which facade colour to use. After all, you don't want to make the mistake of painting a country house with an urban scheme, as that will look so out of place. 

Come with us now, as we show you some wonderful ideas for facade finishes!

1. Bright walls and dark roofs.

Ein Haus für die ganze Familie:  Häuser von Haacke Haus GmbH Co. KG,Klassisch
Haacke Haus GmbH Co. KG

Ein Haus für die ganze Familie

Haacke Haus GmbH Co. KG

In terms of house facade colour schemes, pale walls and a dark roof is something of a real classic. You will normally see white rendered walls, topped with dark anthracite grey roof tiles, which not only creates a beautiful home with serious kerb appeal, it is also practical, as the dark roof will hide all manner of dirt.

2. Variations on one theme.

Mediterranes Wohnhaus in Deutschland:  Häuser von Rimini Baustoffe GmbH,Mediterran
Rimini Baustoffe GmbH

Mediterranes Wohnhaus in Deutschland

Rimini Baustoffe GmbH

Opting to paint a house facade in one colour is a great idea, especially if you also tie in the roof tile hue as well! Here, we see a charming apricot property that looks homey, warm and inviting, while also being tonally harmonious and pretty as a picture next to the garden.

3. Dark walls and bright roofs.

 Landhaus von Beech Architects, Landhaus
Beech Architects

Rear Garden

Beech Architects

Before deciding on a colour scheme for your home's facade, you should be asking the question what will look the most appropriate in the location?. In terms of denoting either a rural or urban setting, the colours you use on your facade will play a key role and as you can see here, a bright roof with dark walls is very much a country aesthetic. 

4. A fun materials medley.

Not all facades have to be notable for their paint colours only, as this amazing property proves! A piquant mix of materials can also be a real calling card, which is why wood, glass and metal all work well together. Keeping the materials tonally similar will help to create a cohesive finish, or you could go a little bolder, with stark contrasts! The choice is yours!

5. Blended with the landscape.

Now here's a house that really is inspiring, in terms of being finished in a colour that perfectly blends it in with the surroundings. You might not think of green as a natural choice for the outside of a house, but given that this one f sound in a forest, it actually DOES work perfectly. With this in mind, you need to think about where your home has been built! What natural colours can you pick out and amplify? How about grey for a mountainous regions, or even blue for a coastal home?

6. Classically chic.

For a more heritage look to your house facade, you should consider softly coloured walls, bright roof tiles and an extra accent hue for wooden trim. The home in this picture is a perfect example of what we mean, as terracotta tiles meet cream walls and sage green trims with a natural grace and beauty that is hard to ignore! 

7. Baroque glamour.

Barockschloss kernsaniert und für den Innenausbau vorbereitet :  Häuser von Immoservice Knopf ,Ausgefallen
Immoservice Knopf

Barockschloss kernsaniert und für den Innenausbau vorbereitet

Immoservice Knopf

If you're lucky enough to have a home that has Baroque detailing, we have one colour suggestion for you and that's BOLD RED! This really is one of the few architectural styles that can pull off a daring and vibrant hue, especially if you focus on the roof!

8. Renaissance beauty.

Wiener Staatsoper: {:asian=>"asiatisch", :classic=>"klassisch", :colonial=>"kolonial", :country=>"landhausstil", :eclectic=>"eklektisch", :industrial=>"industriell", :mediterranean=>"mediterrane", :minimalist=>"minimalistisch", :modern=>"modern", :rustic=>"rustikal", :scandinavian=>"skandinavisch", :tropical=>"tropisch"}  von podpod design,
podpod design

Wiener Staatsoper

podpod design

Majestic renaissance homes are something else, in terms if the amount of detail that the facades usually contain, but rarely will you see much colour. We wanted to include this style of building here, so as to ensure that the ornate carvings are the focal points and not a mismatched colour scheme. Pale natural stone is always gorgeous enough to be left untouched!

9. Romanesque pastels.

Finally, how about a little European inspiration? Pastel facade washes have a charm and style all of their own, but you might like to make sure that your home has enough heritage or age to pull one off! As a general rule, we think that if you have balconies, you can definitely make a pastel facade paint scheme work!

For more facade ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: A great villa with a deceptive facade.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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