10 pictures of Mandir designs for your home

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10 pictures of Mandir designs for your home

Minimalistische Wohnzimmer von colourschemeinteriors Minimalistisch
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What is a Mandir for you? Is it an abode of God or a place where we all love to sit with folded hands to pray? Or is it a structure where we search for the purpose of life or for the peace of mind and soul. Whatever Mandir means to us, one thing definitely holds true even for an atheist; we all find solace here in prayer or meditation. Prayer is our way to communicate with God, force of Universe, power of nature or simply with our inner self.  It is a way of being in the moment, offering our prayers or meditating in front of an image or statue of the Almighty that our imagination has given a form.

It is impossible to imagine an Indian home without a Mandir. We at Homify understand the importance of prayer and Mandir in your life. So, our professionals have come up with some amazing Mandir designs for you. Take inspiration and design your Mandir for a good start of Monday and every day.

Have a look!

​1. Wooden temple

Klassischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von montimers Klassisch

According to Vastu, the Mandir should be made in the centre of the house. A beautiful Mandir of wood has been designed in the centre of the house. The intricate carving on the wood, the serene statue and the entire environment is so captivating that one fails to notice that the Mandir is also partitioning the space.

2. Magnificently elegant

It’s not necessary to have an elaborate Mandir for prayer and meditation. A wall is enough to create the temple of faith. Take a clue from here and design a Mandir for your daily rendezvous with God and inner self.

​3. Shining on the niche

Moderne Fenster & Türen von homify Modern

niche transformed into a beautiful and peaceful abode of the God! Exquisite wooden carving looks amazing and enhances the mystic charm of the shining image of Lord Krishna, bells, trees, diyas and spiritual sign of OM.

​4. Leap of faith

Faithful follower of Lord Ganesha will love it! Small statues of the Elephant God adorn the larger one; it depicts the immense faith and love in His supreme power. The colour combination on the wall is making this Mandir look spiritual and pious.

5. Temple of serenity

Amazing stone work in the backdrop inspired from the ancient temples and a marble wall mounted table with a statue of Buddha sitting in a meditative pose; this modern and contemporary Mandir is filled with ancient charm and peaceful energy.

​6. Peacefully serene

An elevated space, a wooden stand and an intricate statue standing on it; the colour of the wall, the glowing diyas, the flowers in a pot and flowers offered to the God, everything together are creating a pious environment and inviting the family for evening aarti and meditation.

​7. The glass temple

The house of God with elaborate design engraved on the glass walls looks amazing. The intricate and dense design provides some privacy too. The images and statues are kept on a pure marble table top. The environment created by the reflecting lights will leave you mesmerized.

8. Purity of white

Moderne Wohnzimmer von homify Modern

The purity of white soothes the mind and soul. White marble floor, white wall with wooden panel guarding the images of God and white light shining from above; it looks divine.

​9. Traditional Mandir

A boat shaped wooden table with marble top on it, wooden panel on the wall with diyas and Om carved on it, elegant diyas hanging from above and the images and statue of God; it is a marvellous Mandir.

10. Simplicity exemplified

It’s a simple wooden Mandir with bells engraved on the doors and small glass windows to seek the blessing even when the doors are closed. The slanting top of the Mandir resembles the structure that we usually see in the wooden Mandirs of the Hills. The beauty of this Mandir is in its simplicity.

Every day is the gift of God! For more ideas of Mandir to begin your month thanking God, check this ideabook: 10 images of Pooja rooms to start the month well

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