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How can I separate the kitchen from the living room?

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
: modern  von homify,Modern
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Modern houses may be sleeker and more stylish than their older counterparts, but they often compromise on space, being a lot smaller and incorporating the kitchen and living room into one area. This homify feature includes tips and tricks for separating the open kitchen and living room for privacy and socialising. Your interior will seem less cramped and more inviting to your guests. Now, it's time to plan the layout of your kitchen island, table or even book shelf that will divide your kitchen and living room effortlessly. 

1. Open plan advantages

Wohnraum / Küche und Speisebereich Moderne Wohnzimmer von eswerderaum Modern

Wohnraum / Küche und Speisebereich


Open living spaces are brighter and more inviting, conveying a sense of freedom and space. You will have a large common living and kitchen area in your home, allowing you to get the most of your apartment. One can create a great open living experience, which is separated by small details and cooking becomes a family experience, which can be observed from the living room. Here are 6 simple touches to give your kitchen a magazine look.

2. Arch separation

Blick vom essbereich auf die Küche Mediterrane Küchen von v. Bismarck Architekt Mediterran
v. Bismarck Architekt

Blick vom essbereich auf die Küche

v. Bismarck Architekt

A stone arch is excellent way of separating the open kitchen from the living room, in rustic style of course. It's still maintains a level of openness and charm, but has a cosy appeal too.

3. The table

Include a table to separate the eat-in kitchen from the living room. It's a simple option if you would like to dine in the kitchen that has an informal setting. A rectangular wooden table is modern and great for a minimalist decor. This table also doubles as a workspace for homework, especially if you don't have extra space for a home office.

4. The shelf

Raumteiler aus höchster Qualität: modern  von homify,Modern MDF

Raumteiler aus höchster Qualität


Another sophisticated way to divide your eat-in kitchen from the living room is through a ceiling t floor shelf. Remember that although you want to separate space, you should still be able to see the next room. Shelving is great for storing all those books in an uncluttered manner without cutting off the open plan layout.

5. Classic wall

Und hier wird gezaubert! Klassische Küchen von homify Klassisch

Und hier wird gezaubert!


So you're looking for separation ideas that will partition your kitchen from the living room entirely, well a classic wall is an old-fashioned option to divide an eat-in kitchen from the living room, maintaining privacy and even quiet during those extra noisy family events. Now, you can go full Master Chef without being judged by your mother-in-law.

​6. Kitchen island

The kitchen is now perfect for socialising while preparing a meal. The kitchen island is the separation line between the kitchen and living room. This means the chef can still cook up a gourmet meal, while being part of the conversation. No more isolated kitchens for the modern home, so preparing food is a form of entertainment too.

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