10 splendid modern garden ideas!

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The absolute essentials for a modern day garden are clean, contemporary plants & accessories, convenient DIY projects, pure goodness of nature, and a neat pinch of luxury & comfort. Garden is an outdoor space and proper consideration needs to go into its furnishing & design whereby a desirable exterior space is created.

This homify story walks you through 10 amazing ideas to have a modern garden sans incurring huge costs, having to consult expert professionals, or going for pricey garden & landscape supplies; whatever be the style of your garden- industrial, rustic, tropical or Mediterranean- a bit of creative inspiration is sure to add a novel modernity to it. Curious? Read on!

1. Wooden terrace.

A spacious wooden terrace in the garden creates a comfy natural ambiance, fits every style and does not require a great deal of maintenance. With the good old humble, warm, neutral & versatile wood you can be assured of a visually sound functionally finessed aspect.

2. Roses.

Going soft and romantic with rows of roses in varied hues is something that is idyllic & modish at the same time- absolutely chic & charming.

3. Outdoor kitchen & bar.

Lately, among the most popular ideas for modern gardens is the outdoor kitchen which makes the garden an ideal spot for family gatherings, particularly in summer. Just imagine relishing delectable goodies while enjoying the warm sunshine & cool breeze, surrounded by soothing greens, and in the delightful company of the near & dear ones!

4. Go green, it is evergreen!

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A lot of color in the garden is not that welcoming a visual. Most of the modern gardens these days are being designed employing different tonalities of green. The advantage: restricting the chromatic array to different shades of green exudes a stylish, minimalist & relaxed natural vibe; and when you opt for evergreen plants, you can also look forward to a lush green outdoor space even during winter.

​5. Stone and raised beds.

The most fashionable flower beds, of late, are with pebble stones housing raised beds. As shown here, this appealing combo looks extremely voguish, and is also quite easy to care for.

6. Fireplace.

Lazing amidst palliative greens while you munch on delicious goodies, enjoying a leisurely time with the loved ones, as the fireplace fills the area with snug warmth- what a picture of cozy comfort!

7. Aqua allure.

For modern gardens, equally popular as the fireplace are water fountains in different formats. They have a soothing & invigorating effect, and can conveniently transform an outdoor area into a visual treat.

8. Pallet furniture.

A trendy DIY hack, pallet furniture continues to remain in vogue. For garden & terrace, the uncomplicated casual appeal of the modest wooden pallets nails the inviting comfy look.

9. Palms.

Employing palm trees, you get the tropical flair in any part of the world. Being hardy & resilient, many variants of palm trees can easily survive & flourish in the harsh cold weather and even in frost. 

10. Good old pool.

Last but not the least, an unbeatable upgrade for a modern garden is your own, private pool. 

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