33 amazing ways to update your home for little money

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33 amazing ways to update your home for little money

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It's all very well looking at countless inspiring interior design articles, but if you know that you've got little to no money free for some stylish upgrades, you could find yourself getting a touch frustrated, which is why we put together this handy budget home revamp guide for you! We just know that you're going to find a host of fantastic ideas here, all of which come recommended by interior designers, for making your home look spectacular, without breaking the bank!

Whether you want to give your kitchen an extra dose of cool, make your living room something to lust over or just make your bathroom a whole lot less boring, come with us now as we give you all our top tips for decorating your house with little money!

1. You can change your kitchen floor using budget tiles, linoleum or even paint, but the immediate refresh will be tangible and impressive!

2. How about adding an extra counter to your kitchen and turning it into a fantastic dining space, for everyone to enjoy?

3. When it comes to decorating a house with little money, vinyl wall decals are a godsend! They are SO cheap and easy to apply!

4. A painted feature wall will refresh even the most tired of spaces instantly. You might need a couple of coats, but trust us, the effect will be worth your effort!

5. DIY shelving is a great idea when remodeling a house with little budget! Simply upcycle whatever you like, as long as it can display your items!

6. Fairy lights are a classic home upgrade for a reason; they look lovely and are super cost-effective! Just a couple of strings will look festive and fabulous.

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7. Eclectic gallery walls are perfect for decorating your house with little money, as you can use things you already own!

8. Use color contrasts to really refresh a room. Be as bold as you dare, so use light and dark to great effect.

9. How about using discarded pallets as the base material for some really beautiful and unique wall shelves? You'll not find cheaper wood anywhere!

10. Doing away with uniform matching furniture can be a fun and quirky way to inject new life into your home. Cost-effective too, as thrifted pieces work well together.

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11. If you are ready to make some small changes, to start with, how about some subtle wall plaques? They just liven up a wall instantly, without changing the scheme too much.

12. Decorating your house with little money can be as simple as 'un-decorating'. Stripping the plaster off an internal wall is a wonderful way to liven the space up!

13. Who said that kids have all the fun? If you want to play with more whimsical decor, you go for it! We actually love the idea of a swing, indoors, as rope and wood aren't costly!

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Bloomint design

14. All that splashback surface area is ripe for some personality, so how about some pretty glass panels? They won't break the bank!

15. If you paint a feature wall in chalkboard paint, your home will never need updating again, as everyday can be new decor day. Just give the kids some chalk!

16. Have you got a Pinterest account? It's time to get one, as there are so many cool DIY project ideas on there that will be fun and produce great living room pieces!

17. Instead of hiding your utensils away, why not install a hanging rail and use them to create a more industrial look? It's so chic right now!

18. Never underestimate how much of a difference a few well placed plants can make in a tired home. Look for large but inexpensive varieties to get the maximum bang for your buck.

19. Who said that wallpaper is the only way to perk up a large surface? Vintage maps are a really unique and cheap way to get a funky look!

20. Of course, if you like wallpaper, you can go all out, but just on one wall. A solo feature wall will prevent the costs from spiralling, while not negating on style at all.

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Lily Pond


21. Think you need to throw out your old furniture? Think again! Why not just shabby chic it? Fast, cheap and pretty, this is a great technique!

22. Now this is a genius idea for your bathroom! Why not paint the sides of your tub in a bright color? Add a funky bathmat and it will look like a whole new room!

Shoaling Fish Moderne Badezimmer von Jo Downs Modern
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

23. A swish wall-mounted coat rack shouldn't cost the earth, but it will dramatically revamp your hallway! Especially if you hang your prettiest coats on it!

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24. We know that ornate mirrors normally live in a living room, bedroom or hallway, but how about adding one to your bathroom? Talk about giving a practical room a touch of unexpected glamor!

25. When asking how to decorate your house with little money, don't forget the OUTSIDE of your home! Your balcony will add to the effect, if kept neat and ready to use! Add some potted plants too.

26. If your home is small, why not blow your guests away with clever space-saving ideas, such as hanging chairs? Nobody will forget them in a hurry.

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27. An artist in residence is a wonderful commodity, so ask your budding Picasso to create a one-off mural on a large wall. Nobody else in the world will have the same design and you shouldn't have to pay!

28. Have you ever noticed what a great focal point wall clocks can be? The larger you go, the better, so don't be afraid to choose a HUGE timepiece.

29. Vertical garden walls look great, help purify your air and can be installed just about anywhere, creating a natural focal point. Wow. We'll take two!

30. You don't need to be an origami master to be able to make some sweet little paper decoration that will brighten up a nursery! What a sweet idea!

31. The simplest ideas are often the best and most cost-effective, so how about buying some storage boxes and creating a super organized home office that really means business?

32. You might have some beautiful rooms already, in which case, why not see if different lighting will really finish them to perfection? Don't forget to use LED bulbs though!

33. Finally, we encourage you to consider a large and funky rug. It really will pull a room together, add a little softness and look luxurious as well. So simple!

For more brilliant DIY ideas, take a look at this article: How to make a DIY concrete planter.

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