How do I set up the furniture in large rooms?

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How do I set up the furniture in large rooms?

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The layout of a room will impact on its space and decor greatly, which is why it's important to think of furnishing big rooms with comfort in mind. Whether it be the living room, dining room or even the kitchen, your open plan interior needs to be inviting, cosy and not crowded by furniture and accessories. In this homify feature, we look at some simple tips to upgrade your home with elegance and harmonious style, furnishing big spaces takes time and effort, but with proper planning, it can be a dream come true.

Large rooms, large furniture

Large rooms have an advantage: There are no limits to the size and style of furniture, and an L-shaped sofa will fit snugly into a corner or when furnishing big rooms. Incorporate plenty of scatter pillows and maximise cosy comfort.

Wood with a warm atmosphere

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Laminato – Bodenleger Frank Hennicke

Neubau – Einfamilienhaus mit 5 verschiedenen Laminatböden auf Fußbodenheizung

Laminato - Bodenleger Frank Hennicke

Wood is ideal material for furnishing big spaces. The natural material is known for its warmth and comfortable appearance, and it can fit in perfectly into a rustic or modern design.

Create comfort

Cushions and blankets enhance that homely appeal on a couch or bed, but how about including soft textiles to the floor, like this plush and colourful rug that is essential for playtime in the kids room. 

Shorten the wall visually

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Wohnhaus, München Nymphenburg

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In rooms with a high ceiling, the decor may seem a little lost. However, there are a few optical illusions that will let your ceilings appear lower. The first is to paint the wall only to a certain height, the white trim just below the ceiling will make it appear lower. Dark colours are the second means of creating the illusion of a spatially lower ceiling. When furnishing big rooms opt for darker walls for a cosier ambiance.

Use textiles

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Sadirac, Frankreich

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Ceiling height can also be enhanced with flowing fabrics, such as beautiful curtains. Furnishing big spaces means you have much more freedom to go for those floor sweeping curtains.

Room dividers

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An open plan living area includes the kitchen, dining and living room in one space, but if you want privacy and peace, then sliding doors are an ideal furnishing option for big rooms. It's practical, sleek and sophisticated for a modern apartment in the city.

Personal decoration

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A personal touch is imperative in when furnishing big rooms. Go for the creative and charming colourful feature with pretty embroidery or a fascinating floral element. Here's how to Reduce noise: Tips for a quiet home.

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