5 gardening tips for your perennials this fall

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5 gardening tips for your perennials this fall

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Having a garden at home is an assured promise of palliative elegance and plentiful snug respite surrounded by natural goodness. A garden full of vibrant floral beauty & lush greens is a treat to the senses. And if this natural bounty were undefeated by inclement weather, it would be the perfect scenario. This is the very reason that perennials are a popular option in gardens, particularly for the fall season.

Planting perennials in the fall is a sureshot way to enjoy a bigger, more beautiful garden the following year. While a majority of the gardeners are more accustomed to planting in spring, fall is also a great time to plant perennials in your garden. 

This homify article enlists 5 gardening tips for your perennials this fall, to help you enjoy the comfy natural essence of green relief in the next year, and cause some serious home envy to your neighbors. Here we go!

1. Fall plants: smart selection in good time

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Make sure to select plants that have a late bloom period & that you are certain will bloom in before frost. This way you can ensure that your green outdoor space is on track, in good time.

2. Hostas and Peonies: Fruitful depth.

Opt for perennials with large root balls, like hostas & Peonies. Care should be taken to avoid planting them too deep- no more than 2 inches above the bud on the root- or they will fail to bloom.

3. Prescribed dose of Vitamin W.

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Ingarden Limited

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Any fall-planted perennials need to be carefully watered until the ground freezes, to keep their roots strong & healthy. Take care not to overwater, but ensure that the plants get at least 1 inch of water once a week.

In fall the soil is warm, hence the roots grow faster. Since these plants don’t produce flowers, they have more energy for sending vigorous roots into the soil of their new home. 

Planting new perennials in good soil with thorough optimal watering will make sure that by the time the next growing season rolls around, they’ll be healthy & settled.

4. Put Them to Bed!

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It is quite advisable to wait until the soil freezes hard, and then spread a few inches of mulch around your perennials- not to prevent the soil from freezing, but to keep it from thawing. Roots which aren’t strongly anchored can “frost heave” out of the soil when the ground freezes & thaws, making the plant very vulnerable to the cold. Once the mulch is on, this problem does not endanger the garden. Even if a few of your new perennials don’t make it, you still have many more to bank upon. 

5. Go for evergreen perennials

For year-round soothing aesthetics that make your garden shine, evergreens are an unbeatable option. Never bald, patchy or brown, they simply radiate a healthy green glow, whatever the weather be. A BIG added plus is their resilience: they are hardy, so a quick prune is all they'll need. Easy breezy, eh?

If planted early in autumn, the perennials flourish faster in spring & summer. This simply means that you can spot the blank patches in your landscape well in time, which you can fill out with spring plants and load your garden with colorful vibrancy.

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