36 beautiful home entrance design ideas

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36 beautiful home entrance design ideas

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While we are always blown away by the incredible way that interior designers can transform the inside of any building, sometimes, it's nice to be able to step back and appreciate the work of talented architects as well, from the outside! Spectacular inside spaces are one thing and gorgeous gardens are terrific too, but to really drink in design genius to the max, you need to admire home entrances, which is why we're going to show you 36 that we find utterly beguiling, right now! If you are on the lookout for some entrance inspiration, you're going to find more than you could ever dream of in this article, so how about we get started?

1. Nothing adds grandeur like stairs and large plants!

2. Stone clad walls are impossible to forget!

3. Warm tones and wooden doors are a dreamy rustic combination.

4. Unique structures and overheard porches offer security and shade.

5. Steel offers an industrial and stoic aesthetic.

Eingangsüberdachung, Vordach für Haustüren in T-Form:  Häuser von homify

Eingangsüberdachung, Vordach für Haustüren in T-Form


6. Oversized feature structures, such as this wooden panel, really grab attention.

7. Privacy and style can go hand-in-hand, with clever designs such as this one.

8. Making a front garden an integral part of the entrance really adds life.

9. A splash of colour, either through a vertical garden, a painted front door, or both, looks amazing!

10. Using a lot of glass really ups the contemporary factor.

11. There's nothing wrong with a little tradition now and then! So charming!

:  Häuser von homify

12. A simple pergola adds all-weather entrance protection.

13. Simple touches, such as a wooden porch, add a lot of style and grace.

14. How about oversized numbers, piquant lighting and simple landscaping?

15. Concrete planters are so on trend right now.

16. Pretty natural wood doors really need little in the way of extra decor.

17. Neat gravel and a contemporary front door will definitely leave a lasting impression.

18. Setting your entrance back offers far more security and a little drama too.

19. Using a medley of materials really will pick out perfect contrasts!

 Häuser von Arki3d

20. Speaking of contrasts, using dark and light colours together always looks phenomenal.

Eingangsüberdachung, Vordach für Haustüren von Siebau:  Häuser von homify

Eingangsüberdachung, Vordach für Haustüren von Siebau


21. Don't underestimate how much natural light will improve the look of any entrance!

22. Do you dare try a REALLY bold colour for your front door?

23. A textured feature wall will grab attention, for all the right reasons!

24. Polished concrete steps? What a striking look!

25. Make your door the least noticeable element of your entrance and you'll enjoy a lot of security.

26. Is that tempered glass? Wow! That really is an unusual weather cover!

27. A water feature might not be the norm but it is fabulous.

28. How about making your floor the star of the show, not your actual entrance?

29. Industrial-style doors have a certain level of stoic charm!

30. Heritage stonework surrounds really frame an entrance beautifully.

31. A subtle porch, integrated into the rest of the house, looks so sweet!

:  Einfamilienhaus von homify

32. Wood and glass look so right together, don't you agree?

33. The simplest schemes are so often the best. What a lovely spot for a bench and a pretty front door.

Haus Woltersdorf:  Terrasse von Müllers Büro
Müllers Büro

Haus Woltersdorf

Müllers Büro

34. Oversized door hardware can be so eye-catching and chic.

35. How unusual! A floating archway entrance! It's a freestanding piece of art!

36. For the ultimate in home security, an extra wall is a great option and creates a striking entrance.

For a little more facade inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 facade finishing touches to consider.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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