11 tips for choosing the right shower in your bathroom

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Bathroom screens are fast replacing the traditional curtain which has done justice to its role since its inception. Curtains might be great for a lot of things, baring one- the fact that they are highly ineffective in preventing water from leaving the shower. Here's where shower screens come in saving the day in a swoosh! 

There are a few pointers for you to keep in mind while installing showers and the associated screens. This post is your basic 101 for all things pertaining to showers- right from what type of shower screen is best, how to choose a shower screen to the best shower screens around. 

1. Factor the basics before choosing a shower screen

There exists screens of different materials including the likes of glass and acrylics. The ability to keep water within the screen is a factor to consider and so is the structure of the screen. Pick out a design that would suit your bathroom and complete the entire look with a screen finish. 

2. Factor in your exact needs

In order to pick out a screen for your shower, it is important that you assess your exact needs. You would need to keep in mind who would be using the shower, the age groups of the aforementioned people, so on and so forth. Once you do this, you will be able to prioritize your choice- whether safety of the shower screen, ease of cleaning or comfort is a prime requirement. 

3. Factor in the space at your disposition

If you are looking to install a shower screen, then you need a clear picture of how much space it would take up versus the space available to you. Keep in mind the shape of your shower area around which you want to pick out a screen. 

4. Are sliding doors the answer?

homify Minimalistische Badezimmer

Shower screens can also come disguised in sliding doors if you allow for it. They are also a great way to save up on space as you won't have to factor a door opening out. Use screens with sliding doors in smaller showers that have limited access space as this allows for an angular opening, or an opening at the corner to facilitate access to the shower.

5. Well equipped sliding doors

Back in the day, screens with sliding doors weren't exactly the most hygienic as aluminium profiles were incorporated making the entire cleaning process a bigger chore than it already was. With time, the mechanism underlying the screens made available in the market come well equipped with removable doors with the absence of bearings. 

6. Screens with swinging doors

Swinging doors are highly advantageous as they are simple to clean and are aesthetically pleasing. Access to the shower is made simple with the simple swing of a door. 

7. Screens with folding doors

Casa L&J, slvr estudio slvr estudio Minimalistische Badezimmer

Folding doors tend to take up a great deal of space and are to be resorted to only if space is aplenty. For smaller showers, it is best that you stick to regular sliding doors to keep your shower in tact.

8. Screens suited to the theme of the bathroom

Pick out screens that gel in well with the theme of your bathroom. These are readily available and are even up for customization if you would like a specific idea to be implemented. You could go for an all opaque screen or simply a half opaque and half translucent screen.  

9. Shower screens running all the way up to the ceiling

Tempered glass is often chosen as a material for shower screens as they are safe and breakage free. Also there is an aesthetic sense to the entire ordeal which is evident from this image. 

10. The finishing touch

Glass partitions allow for different surface finishes. This can vary from being completely  transparent or translucent glasses. Translucent finishes, offer three different degrees of opacity from which you can choose from. You could also combine transparent with translucent  if you wish. 

11. Customized finishes

For a design that suits you the best, you could go for completely personalized screens which can add to the aesthetics of your bathroom

Here are some great ideas for your shower!

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