​Last Minute Cleaning Tips Before Guests Arrive

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It is always wonderful to have friends and family visit us in our homes. When planning and organsing our home, we often have these visitors in mind. We have a guest room in case our family needs a place to stay. We have dining rooms when we have more guests staying for dinner. We also consider our visitors when we have a powder room. In fact the majority of open plan living spaces are designed for large numbers of people being entertained in our homes. Having visitors can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, unless they arrive with  little notice. When this happens, panic may arise. The house is a mess, and now we have Aunt Bessie on the way, what will we do? What you need is last minute cleaning tips before guests arrive. homify has just found the top 8 tips to share with you.

​Dust the TV

Television screens attract dust. This is a known fact. This is caused by electromagnetic forces. The television screen is positively charged, when dust particles fly near it, the positive charges in the screen cause a change in the dust particles pulling them to it. The screen, now covered in dust no longer reflects light. It is immediately noticeable that the television is covered in dust. For this reason it is important to clean the television of dust and any dirt. Use a damp cloth without harsh chemicals to clean the surface of a television screen. The screen will then reflect the light and appear fresh and clean.

​Clean Up Surfaces

One of the best ways of making a space appear clean and organised is with clean and clear surfaces. When we arrive home after a long day in the workplace, we immediately look for a place to unload our possessions. The nearest table or bench is the usual space. This will immediately create clutter and messiness. Any clear surface immediately attracts clutter. To clear this clutter, mess and rubbish immediately creates a sense of organization and cleanliness. Shift the offending items out of sight into drawers or cupboards. Wipe down the surface to create a shine that can immediately be recognized as a clean space.

​Quickly Clean the Bathroom

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The bathroom is usually the room that fills one with dread when contemplating cleaning it. There are so many surfaces and tricky corners to clean. Although there are some clever tricks. To make a bathroom look clean, it does not need to be cleaned thoroughly, a strategic clean is good enough. But you have to be aware of what areas need to be cleaned to achieve that, just cleaned look. First of all, put everything away to ensure the countertops are clutter free and organised. Next spray all surfaces to allow them to start working on the built up grime and dust. While this is working, mop the floor. When finished, wipe down the surfaces to create a wonderful clean looking bathroom. For more inspiration see 7 options to cover the shower area.

​Remove Animal Hair

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Animal hair can be one of the most difficult things to remove in a quick house clean. The amount of animal hair in a house will depend on the type of animal and the areas where the animal is allowed to be. For a cat or dog with free reign over the house, this could mean a lot of animal hair removal. There are many animal hair vacuum cleaners on the market today. There are also special roller devices aimed at removing animal hair from furniture. One of the fastest, cheapest and efficient ways of removing animal hair from soft surfaces like couches is with a damp rubber glove. Go around your furniture with a damp rubber glove and a rubbish bag. The furniture will be hair free in no time at all.

​Hide Dirty Dishes

A stack of dirty dishes in the sink is often a sign of a disorganised house. When doing a fast house clean this is one of the first things to fix. There is no time to clean all those dishes, but what to do with them? It may be the cheats way out of a difficult situation, but when the need arises, desperate measures are called for and hiding the dishes may be the best option. The most logical place to hide dirty dishes, is in a dishwasher. They can then wait until the guests have departed before starting the cycle. If you do not have a dishwasher, where will you put the dishes? The next best option is the oven. This is a relatively large space that is well hidden. For more inspiration see 6 efficient organisation ideas for your kitchen.

​The Right Light

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When guests come to visit it is always preferable to make a good impression. When the house is is a mess, it can be difficult to create the best impression. At times like this we should be thinking calmly and positively. We should have a ‘glass half full’ attitude and focus on what we can do about the situation. Essentially we need to focus on the clean and tidy parts of the house. This can be done by shutting off the unnecessary parts of the house like the bedrooms and garages. Another great way to focus on the tidy parts of the house is with lighting. Hide a dirty hallway by simply turning the light off, or using a dimmer to make it darker. Use bright natural light in living room to focus on the tidy parts, leaving the untidy sections in the dark.

​Room Scent

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When we experience a situation, we do not only hear and see what we are experiencing, we are also touching, tasting and smelling. These are the five amazing senses that we have been born with. The sense of smell can be used strategically to give the room an appearance of tidiness and cleanliness. This can be done in a number of ways. Place fresh flowers in key positions around the house so their scent will fill the house. If there is no time to find fresh flowers, consider one of these clever solutions; light scented candles to create a cosy atmosphere, use essential oils wiped over surfaces to give an impression of a freshness, or even brew some fresh coffee to fill the room with a morning aroma.

​Shiny Objects

Shiny objects give the impression that they have been freshly cleaned. This could be the chrome details on a table, a mirror, a glass vase or ceramic ornaments. Although this might not be the case. A mirror is a wonderful example. A mirror will reflect anything facing it. This can be used strategically. Use mirrors to reflect clean and tidy areas of a house. Clean the mirror thoroughly to make it also reflect light, giving the impression of a sparkling clean house. Other shiny objects that can give a wonderful clean impression could be the surface of a timber table. Use s polish or oil to bring out the shine in these surfaces and give the impression of a clean and tidy environment.

It is wonderful to have friends and family visit us our homes. It provides a wonderful opportunity for us to share the amazing home we have built with those that we love. When they announce their intention to visit, this provides us with a wonderful opportunity to bring out the good china, the best napkins and the finest wines. We all want to present our best sides to our friends and family. But what if there is not time for preparing. This can create a panic in anyone. Do not fear, a house can be cleaned and tidied in super fast time using some carefully chosen strategic cleaning tricks. Hide the major mess in areas that will not be used, clean key spaces in the house such as surfaces, the television, the bathroom and the kitchen, use scent to create an impression of freshness and use key lighting to bring the attention to the tidier parts of the house. These are just a few clever tricks to avoid panic when guests arrive at the last minute. For more inspiration see 6 Tips to Organise Your House andKeep it That Way.

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