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Times change, but there are some things that never go out of style. Bathroom tiles are the perfect example as they remain the best choice for coating the walls of our bathrooms. However, over the years, the variety of patterns, colour combinations and designs in which tiles are available has changed, so today, we have more choice than ever.

If you are planning to tile the bathroom, knowing about the combination of ceramic tiles for bathrooms, can help to make the right decision. That’s why, today on homify, we show you 7 combinations of tiles for bathrooms.

1. Red and beige – separating spaces

This is a good example of using tiles to separate spaces in the bathroom. Red is used in the shower area, while beige and brown tiles cover the rest of the room.

Besides colour combinations in bathrooms with tiles and tiles with textures, varied sizes of tiles can also add more variety and interest to the bathroom.

2. For fans of mosaic

Fontanelle, Arcostudios Arcostudios Moderne Badezimmer

More than a decade ago, thanks to mosaic, we discovered that the combination of colours added a fun touch to our bathtubs. Today, mosaic is not limited to just the shower space, but invades the rest of the room. The possibility of combinations of small square glass tiles is infinite, but it’s best to play with different shades of the same colour. 

In this bathroom, the different shades of brown combine with white, which is another colour found in bathrooms, to give a light and luminous touch to the wall. The combination of bathroom tiles in brown also complements the wooden ceilings and with the beige ceramic floor tiles. Mosaic is a great option for combination of tiles for small bathrooms.

3. Blue: Pool nostalgia

If there is a classic colour for bathrooms, it is blue. Reminiscent of both the sky and the sea, from bluish-grey to turquoise or indigo, shades of blue relate to water, and therefore, our bathrooms. In addition, using mosaic tiles in blue tones, is a popular choice to bring colour to swimming pools. 

That is why, for those who love the nostalgia of the summer dip in the pool, combination of ceramic tiles for bathrooms in shades of blue is ideal for creating an enjoyable pool-like atmosphere all year round.

4. Don’t forget about greens!

Dark green tiles give u the sense of walking along the dark corridors of the nineteenth-century factories in industrialized England. To bring a refreshing feel we can combine it with an ethnic inspired wall paper.

Although it is easy to get carried away by the colour and the beauty of the tiles, always keep in mind the quality and the type of material used. Porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles are the most common, but you can also opt for glass or natural stone, such as granite or travertine.

See 10 modern bathrooms using stone for ideas on using stone in your bathroom.

5. Warm and cold tones

Yellow and cream combine with the greyish blue to create this warm and pleasant bathroom. The mixture of colours does not follow an established norm. In some areas the yellow tones dominate, in others, there is more of blue. It all depends on the effect we want to achieve, but in most cases, there is no right order, we just need to follow our instinct. 

However, it is important to choose the colours of our bathroom tiles and install them correctly. Be sure to prepare the wall before fixing the tile, and try to use a technique that prevents gaps between tile and wall as this will make it more fragile, and it can break easily.

6. Black and gold: pure glamour

homify Rustikale Badezimmer Keramik

Say goodbye to monochrome walls with large tiles. The trend these days is bathroom tiles in an assortment of colours and textures. Whether it’s to delimit spaces or to merge them, combining different tiles is a trend that is here to stay. 

Industrial-style black tiles have been combined with golden borders created by tiles in varied prints to give a glamorous and stunning touch to this elegant bathroom.

7. Rainbow: Why choose when you can have it all?!

homify Moderne Badezimmer

A rainbow has seven colours, but no one complains that they do not match, so if you feel like experimenting with rainbow colours for combinations of tiles for bathrooms, do not stop yourself! Of course, ideally, it should not occupy the entire bathroom, because as fun as creating a multicoloured world in your bathroom might seem, you can end up getting tired of it in a few days. It’s better if, as in this bathroom designed by our expert, the coloured tiles occupy a narrow strip.

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