21 fully functional mini-kitchen designs

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Most houses do not have a significant kitchen that is why you need to make do with the space available. But creating a beautiful and fully functional kitchen even with very little space is entirely possible. With numerous designs available online you can certainly find the most suitable according to your requirement. In this article, you will see amazing pictures of 21 mini-kitchen designs. By choosing one for your home, you will be able to create lasting memories along with your family.

1. Built-in shelves

Reforma de apartamento - Ateliê Paralelo, Joana França Joana França Moderne Küchen

By incorporating a built-in shelve in your kitchen, you will not only save space but will be able to make the area look organized.

2. Black panel

The pantry area of this kitchen has been concealed beautifully with the help of a black panel.

3. Additional counter

Residência Goiânia/GO, Donakaza Donakaza Moderne Küchen

An additional counter can be created on top of your laundry area so that it can be used when required.

4. U-shaped kitchen

Opting for a u-shaped kitchen layout is highly recommended for small areas. It will allow you to utilize the space to the fullest.

5. Natural light

Residência Goiânia/GO, Donakaza Donakaza Moderne Küchen

By installing a window in your kitchen the place will be able to receive enough natural light so that it does not look cramped.

6. Inbuilt appliances

Similar to the shelves, inbuilt appliances can also make your kitchen look more organized and modern.

7. Ceiling storage

While creating a mini kitchen, you need to use the vertical space available. That is why installing ceiling storage units like these is a must.

8. Touch of colour

To add a touch of colour to your kitchen, you can opt for bright furniture or utensils. It is one of the most inexpensive ways of decorating your space.

9. Artistic back-splash

The backsplash of your kitchen can also be decorated artistically to make the place look amazing.

10. Semi-partitioned

homify Rustikale Küchen

The narrow white brick wall created near the kitchen island acts as a semi-partition for the room. It separates the living space from the cooking area.

11. Red bricks

In case you want to add a rustic touch to your mini kitchen then you can try using red bricks for its construction.

12. White tiles

homify Moderne Küchen

To give your mini kitchen a modern look, you can line it entirely with white ceramic tiles.

13. Black and red

homify Moderne Küchen

The combination of black and red can also be used in small kitchens to make them stand out.

14. Modular cabinetry

The ideal way to design your cabinets is by opting for modular structures which come prebuilt.

15. Wooden fixtures

homify Koloniale Küchen

Another way to add a rustic look to your kitchen is by opting for wooden fixtures and furniture.

16. Parallel kitchen

Creating a parallel kitchen can also help you utilize the available space better. It also allows multiple people to work in the same area comfortably.

17. Granite and mosaic

homify Moderne Küchen

Black granite can add a luxurious touch to your mini kitchen. Combining it with yellow mosaic tiles provides it with a fantastic contrast.

18. Reclaimed wood

Apartamento no Ipiranga, Cores Lovers Cores Lovers Moderne Küchen

If you are looking to save money while creating your mini kitchen then using reclaimed wood is another great idea.

19. L-shaped kitchen

In case you have a corner space where the kitchen needs to be placed then consider using an L-shaped layout.

20. Blue interior

If you want to create something unique then opting for a complete blue interior is also a good choice.

21. Modern and rustic

Combining two themes like modern and rustic is possible by using wooden fixtures along with white stone interiors.

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