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It is often said – “Home is where the heart is”, hence every home must make us feel comfortable, happy, and secure. It's extremely important for every new family house constructed, to respond to the needs and wishes of every family member. Both private, and public areas, within the house should radiate warmth, so that family members are drawn to spend time and feel the warmth of the family. The house we showcase today, has precisely been able to achieve these very objective remarkably well. We show you how our expert Tomasz Czajkowski has aligned this luxurious family house to cater to the personal needs and fancies of all its family members.

First glimpse

At a first glance, one can already appreciate the unique appearance of this house, its stands out quite distinctively from its other counterparts. The garden facing facade is fully glazed with dark glass panels, opens onto the outside and has a covered deck. A thick stone pillar acts as the only support for this massive gable roof, giving it a sense of symmetry in the composition. Before we even enter the house; we can imagine an exceptional interior waiting inside to surprise us, lets get in…

Bright and spacious

Once we step in behind the large window front it looks very impressive. Huge glass surfaces running from floor-to-ceiling, make the interior look extremely large and spacious. A view onto the outside garden brings in a welcome charm into this space. Very minimal styled furniture is placed in the front of the glass panels, and does not distract one from the brilliant view outside.

Stylish living

The spacious living room has been decorated in neutral tones of browns and greys, creating a natural, homely and warm ambience. The soft carpet and large lounge furniture act to the charm of this space. The large unusual sofa on the right, rightly depicts the taste of the home owners, who love nothing but the best -something one notices all throughout the house.

Wooden podium

The material choice thought the house clearly has the walnut shade spread all across. Not only across the floor surfaces, but it also wraps the small structure, that encloses the threshold between the entrance and the living room. The threshold encompasses a small pedestal on which a small seating area is integrated, two elegantly styled chairs are placed in the centre, that give one a great glimpse of this majestic walnut interior.

A tale of stairs

A generous wide sweeping staircase clad in the same material leads from the entrance hall to the first floor. It is supplemented with the warm and natural look of walnut yet again. A transparent railing made of glass, and ceiling hung fabric designer lamps bring in a very stylish feeling to this space.

The bedroom

In comparison, one can see here that the master bedroom is covered in materials that exude elegance and glamour. Dark shades dominate the interior here, bringing in a more intimate feeling to the space, conducive for more intimate and romantic moments. The textured wall behind the bed acts as a backdrop for the space, while we see accents of the walnut shade carried on here as well, but used with extreme restraint.

Modest bathroom

The bathroom is filled as well with warm shades of browns and greys, carrying on the colour palette throughout the house. The form of the the  pure white sanitary fitting bring in a more modern yet simple aesthetic to the bathroom. The large wall mirror running from end to end, creates an optical illusion and makes the space feel much larger ham it actually is.

The shimmering pool

Well we saved the best for the last – the most stunning swimming pool you have seen in a while. The pool is beautifully illuminated and has a mirrored ceiling that makes it look truly magnificient. Jumping into this pool we can imagine, must be a truly extraordinary experience. Having oneself reflected on the ceiling, while enjoying the most spectacular view through the large windows, on the wall onto the outside. This pool truly glitters like gold.

We hope you got inspired by this unique home, if you felt stirred by this visit we have many more great examples in our website, take a look at this ideabook on a house for all the senses.

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