16 great ideas for rustic living rooms

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16 great ideas for rustic living rooms

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  von CORO furniture, Mediterran
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A rustic living room is an amazing addition to any home, be it modern, rural or traditional, any interior designer will tell you that, but do you know what motifs will give you the look? Naturally, you don't want to have to uproot and move into the middle of nowhere to get the right aesthetic, so we've discovered a few brilliant ways to get a more rustic ambience and we're going to let you in on them all, right now!

1. Use fallen trees as furniture.

You can't deny that these struts add a real rustic charm, can you? What a way to perk up shelving!

2. Go all wood.

You might not think that all-encompassing wood cladding will work indoors, but we think this room proves just how amazing it can look! So warm!

3. Mix wood and white.

Regalwürfel-System "Basella": modern  von Allnatura,Modern

Regalwürfel-System Basella


For a more contemporary take on thing, natural wood and white can be brought together in furniture, to offer a fresher rustic look.

4. Take inspiration from outdoors.

Rustic styling is all about natural inspiration, so if you want an elegant yet still rustically-motivated living room, how about choosing accent colors that match flowers in your garden? So simple!

5. Dare to bare!

Exposed brick walls add warmth, character and charm to any living room but especially those with a rustic touch!

6. Stay natural.

The materials and fabrics that you select should be, where possible, natural and organic, if you really want to be on top of the rustic theme. Seagrass rugs, jute mats, cotton cushions and rich wools will all work SO well.

7. Rugged texture.

Nothing in nature is perfect, so in a rustic living room, don;t be afraid to experiment with some bold textures. Slate, gnarled wood and chunky stone all look the part.

8. Making more of weirdness.

Speaking of gnarled wood, we always think that natural wood sculptures and furniture make such a big impression! This stump coffee table is totally unique and lends such a rustic yet designer edge.

9. Show off the stone.

If you have beautiful natural stone in your home, don't cover it up with plaster! Keep it exposed and you'll never have to paint, as it looks SO beautiful.

10. Bring on the beams.

Wooden beams are always a feature in rustic homes, so be sure to make a little more of them. Lighting, which draws the eye up, is a great and simple technique.

11. Try a little DIY.

  von decomania, Rustikal Holz Holznachbildung

There isn't a person on the planet that couldn't knock up a simple pallet coffee table and they look brilliant! Just grab some free pallets and have a go!

12. Integrate the technology.

Rustic living rooms don't have to be provincial, but try to integrate your TV and sound system into the theme a little more with a wooden media wall. By minimizing the impact of the modern features, the rustic ambiance will remain in tact.

13. Add some rugs.

Animal hide rugs are naturally rustic but it's not exactly very modern or eco to have dead animals on your living room floor, so get the look with faux furs and skins. They are MUCH cheaper too!

14. Light the fire.

If you have the room, you know you need an open fire or a woodburner, to get the really rustic vibe, right? Well you do!

15. Viva la vintage!

Vintage furniture has a natural tendency to look rustic, as it is lived-in, has a little history and won't be perfect. Big comfortable leather sofas are a particular favorite!

16. Add a little paint.

 Wohnzimmer von Pixcity, Rustikal

If natural wood isn't the be all and end all for you, how about whitewashing some? A pretty and slightly more modern take on rustic design, we think you'll love it!

For more rustic tips, take a look at this article: 5 rustic bedroom ideas.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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